Let’s talk about Avatar cosplay ideas!

I feel like we should give Western cartoons more credit. Sure, we love our Anime so much and for good reason; some series are just so amazing. But Western cartoons can be just good as the stuff produced in Japan. And dare I say…even better?! That’s definitely debatable. But one series from here in North America is top notch. And which one is that? Avatar!

So are you getting bored of cosplaying Anime characters and want to try something different? Then Avatar is for you! Whether you’re a fan of the original, The Last Airbender…or a fan of the sequel, The Legend of Korra, you’ll find quite a few characters to choose form.

I myself wanted to make this post because my Avatar Pinterest board is incredibly hot. So I figured it’s a good time to post something like this.

In this article, I will show you 10 amazing Avatar cosplay ideas. We’ll go through both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra characters as well.

Here we go!

1. Aang (Original Avatar hero)

The main character and mascot of The Last Airbender, Aang is a laidback, fun guy. Unlike most main characters who are hard-headed and overly energetic to fight or solve problems, Aang is the complete opposite. He truly represents the carefree nature of wind power and prefers to not fight in order to solve problems. Basically a pacifist. Aang is just a cool dude overall!

2. Katara (Classic Avatar cosplay)

Cosplayer: totlamadi. Photo taken by jenxnoir.

This list could not be done without Katara of course (the character on the cover of this post). The waterbending master heroine, Katara is an iconic character from the series. She’s known for being a bit stubborn yet strong at the same time. Katara is like a mother to many of the other characters in Avatar; she is known to take care of the people around her! Cosplaying Katara is fun for photoshoots; you can do her iconic waterbending pose and it would look so cool.

3. Asami

Asami is a girl who is the daughter of a wealthy father. Unlike many of the characters, Asami has no special abilities like airbending. But she is skilled in ordinary things such as engineering and driving. Asami is a beautiful-looking character who eventually becomes Korra’s love interest in the end. So she is perfect if you’re looking for an LGBT cosplay couple idea.

4. Korra

The reincarnation of the Avatar and the main character of the sequel series, Korra is the complete opposite of Aang. Unlike him, Korra is pretty hot-headed and likes to take action and fight first rather than work things out peacefully. While she is athletic and strong, over time she eventually develops her spiritual side, which is important for her role. Being the main character, Korra is a great cosplay option!

5. Toph Beifong

Toph cosplay
Cosplayer: allipugs. Photo taken by whoisperry.

She may be a little girl, but she can definitely kick some ass! Even though Toph is actually blind, she uses her extremely talented and gifted earthbending abilities to locate objects everywhere. Toph is a great sidekick to Aang and also a great choice for Avatar cosplay! I find there are a lot of characters with orange or blue-coloured outfits. So Toph is great in that she wears green, so you’d definitely stand out more in an Avatar group photoshoot.

6. Sokka

Sokka Avatar cosplay
Cosplayer: nimblenoor. Photo taken by worldofgwendana.

If you want to cosplay a fun character, Sokka is the way to go! Unlike his sister Katara, Sokka possesses no water bending abilities. But he makes up for this by being a handyperson and being really good with weapons. So his costume goes well with cosplay prop weapons like hhis signature boomerang.

7. Yue (Spiritual Avatar cosplay)

Yue was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as Sokka’s love interest. There’s not much to dislike about her; she was the perfect woman who was sweet and gentle, while also caring much for her tribe. Yue has got the coolest hair and outfit!

8. Mako

Another firebender, Mako is a handsome man with such fierce skills. Because of his rough upbringing, Mako takes a more serious and stern approach to things. Mako is quite the polarizing character but if you happen to love him, then you should definitely cosplay him!

9. Zuko (Fiery Avatar cosplay)

Zuko cosplay
Cosplayer: neverending.ori. Photo taken by ohmykitty4u.

The son of the original Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko is originally exiled from the Fire Nation and told to capture the Avatar. In his journey to capture the Avatar Aang, Zuko ends up his changing his personality and even his goals. Zuko is quite the complex character, an anti-hero I’d say. He’s not too difficult to cosplay, so if you want someone easy to do, then go for Zuko.

10. Azula (Baddest Avatar cosplay)

If you want to cosplay someone crazy, then look no further than Princess Azula. Unlike her brother Zuko, Azula is far more amoral and shows no fear or remorse for her actions. She’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals, although in the end, it costs her sanity to do so.


Here are the 10 Avatar cosplay you should try:

  1. Aang
  2. Katara
  3. Asami
  4. Korra
  5. Toph Beifong
  6. Sokka
  7. Yue
  8. Mako
  9. Zuko
  10. Azula

And there you have it: 10 Avatar cosplay ideas for you!

It may be a kid’s show, but the series deals with adult topics as well. And maybe that’s what makes this series so appealing. Not to mention all the different and diverse to love and to cosplay!

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