In this post, I’m here to talk about 15 Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay that you’ll find fascinating! As we all know, Fire Emblem is one of the hottest franchises. The popularity definitely translates over to cosplay; you’ll definitely see a lot of cosplays from the series in 2020, even during this pandemic.

Ever since I started playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses back in February 2020, I’ve been in love with this game! It’s truly one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch.

I’m a bit late to the party since the game came out last July. But whatever!

As I mention in a lot of my posts, Fire Emblem is great for cosplay because the character designs are wonderful and look very unique. This is especially true with Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay because there are so many unique characters that you’ll find you can cosplay a bunch of them!

You’ll like this Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay post…whether or not you played this game!

If you haven’t played the game yet, then this article is perfect for you; I’ll describe the character a bit and let you know if you should cosplay them, based on their personality. If you know all the characters already, then you might still find this post useful to get some ideas and inspirations for your next Three Houses cosplay.

So here we go: 15 Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay!

NOTE: I’ll try to keep this list spoiler-free. But there’s one thing I must mention below, which will be slight spoilers.

For those who’ve already played Three Houses, you already know this. But for most characters, there is the regular version of the character and then there’s the Post Timeskip version (PTS) which is 5 years later (the game is divided into 2 parts). So that means for most characters, you’ll have 2 different outfits you can cosplay from! All cosplay photos in this post are the original edition, unless I note it’s the Post Timeskip edition.

All photos used with permission from the cosplayer and photographer.

DISCLAIMER: I have some affiliate links in this article if you’re looking to wear any of these cosplays. Either I myself have bought from those stores, or I truly feel they are great deals for a beginner cosplayer. If you’re buying from these sites, you’re also supporting me and my hobby so I appreciate it!

Since Three Houses is still relatively new, unfortunately that means costume prices for these characters will be somewhat more expensive. Everyone wants to cosplay these characters! And as I mention in my cosplay cost budget article, Fire Emblem characters have great designs so that’ll make their costumes a bit pricier as well.

With that said, I will post the best Three Houses costume deals here! Just keep in mind you’ll have to fork out a bit more money…for now. 🙂

1. Byleth (Male and Female version)

Byleth Cosplay by Rubyfia (Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay)
Just like recent Fire Emblem main characters, Byleth has a male or female version. You get to decide in the beginning of the game. This one is the female version!
Cosplayer: Rubyfia. Photo taken by MrJechgo.

Byleth is definitely the first character to mind when it comes to Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay. Although Byleth is a semi-silent protagonist, they do have a bit of personality. Byleth ends up becoming a teacher for the students in the Monastery. Professor Byleth is someone that your students look up to, whether they’re on the battlefield or in casual support conversations in the game.

Byleth has a nice character design: blue hair (green hair in the Post Timeskip version), casual armor attire, and the cool-looking weapon, The Sword of the Creator. Male Byleth reminds me of Marth, while the female version has that adorable Waifu look. Byleth is a fan favourite for Three Houses fan. It’s probably why they were included in Smash, despite being just another sword user in the game!

Here is the male version!
Cosplayer: ikealbein.

2. Lady Edelgard (Three Houses Leader and an amazing Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay choice)

Edelgard (Kitsu Cosplay)
Edelgard is a recognizable character from Three Houses and her red Adrestrian Empire colours stand out! This is her Post Timeskip version. Cosplayer: kitsu_cosplay. Photo taken by j.a.vilches.

You either love or hate Edelgard! (You’ll understand why in the game). Edelgard is the next-in-line emperor for the Adrestrian Empire, and also the leader of the Black Eagles House. She has a very serious personality and demeanor, and focused solely on her goals and ambitions. But whatever her desires are, they come from a place of good intentions.

As 1 of the 3 House Leaders in the game, Edelgard has an awesome-looking outfits. You can either cosplay her casual Monastery clothing with her hair fully down. Or you can go for her badass-looking Post Timeskip version, which is full red armor! You can either do a simple ponytail wig or go for the Princess Leia hairbuns style, which looks really cool. In either version, you should complement your Edelgard cosplay with an axe, which is her main weapon or choice. You can’t wrong with Edelgard if you’re deciding on Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay!

3. Hilda (House member of the Golden Deers)

Hilda Cosplay - Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay
Hilda’s pink hair easily stands out, making her a fun character to cosplay! This is her Post Timeskip edition!
Cosplayer: lifestreamcosplay. Photo taken by yenra.

Everyone’s favourite ditzy girl! Forced by her older brother to attend the school to learn how to fight on the battlefield, Hilda is quite lazy and tries to get others to do the work for her. But when she puts the effort in, Hilda is skilled at almost everything and trusted by Claude when preparing for the missions. She’s a sweet girl!

She is definitely one of the Three Houses waifus in this game, simply because of her signature double ponytail pink hair, fancy looks and loveable personality. Cosplaying Hilda is fairly easy to cosplay. Aside from her long pink hair which will require a long wig, everything else is pretty easy. You just need to make/buy her dress and wear boots, and wear pink-colored contacts if you’d like. Her original version and Post Timeskip version are really similar, so you can’t go wrong with either. Like Edelgard, Hilda’s weapon of choice is an axe.

Because of her popularity in this game and how easy it is to cosplay her (compared to the other characters), I can see Hilda being a common cosplay once conventions return. Who knows, maybe I’ll add her to my list of easy cosplays.

4. Bernadetta (or Bernie for short)

Bernadetta (ninjae_cosplay) Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay
Bernie is a perfect character to cosplay if you want someone who’s timid and shy!
Cosplayer: ninjae_cosplay.

Bernadetta has got to be the cutest character in Three Houses! Because of her demanding father, Bernie is quite the social recluse when she arrives at the Monastery. She has a tendency to hide in her room when not in class or on a mission. And she loves to shriek or run away when a conversation gets too intense!

If you’re looking for a cute character to cosplay, then Bernadetta is a great choice. Bernadetta’s character is mostly purple-coloured, both her hair and outfit. Her original version and Post Timeskip version aren’t too different; her hair is a bit fluffier in the original and she wears shorts in the PTS version while her weapon of choice is the bow. Be sure to carry a frown with you if you cosplay Bernadetta!

5. Mercedes (pronounced Mer-Sed-Dez)

Mercedes Cosplay (ronantyche) Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay
Mercedes is a great choice if you want to cosplay someone who is pure-hearted.
Cosplayer: ronantyche. Photo taken by Neha Mathur.

Put it simply, Mercedes is a sweetheart! She’s actually the oldest student in the Monastery (around 27 years of age). Mercedes is pure-hearted and loves giving and helping people. She is very dedicated to the Church and the Goddess. She’s basically the Three Houses version of the perfect nun!

I’d say Mercedes is very classy-looking, and that totally reflects her personality. She’s not snobby by any means, but she’s the last character you see committing any debauchery. Her original and Post Timeskip outfit and hair are completely different though. In the original, Mercedes has long hair that goes down to her chest (from behind her neck). In the PTS version, her hair is much shorter and she wears an outfit that basically looks like a nun. Mercedes carries no weapons as she is a healer!

Mercedes Cosplay cherry blossoms (ronantyche) Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay
Cosplayer: ronantyche. Photo taken by Neha Mathur.

6. Petra (All the way from Brigid)

Petra cosplay with bow (Aelynn) Fire Emblem Three Houses Cosplay
Coming from the lush jungles of Brigid, Petra’s braided her and unique mannerisms make her a fun character to cosplay. Make sure you talk like she does!
Cosplayer: Aelynn’s Cosplay.

Witness Brigid pride! Petra is one of my favourite characters in the game. She’s like the Starfire of Three Houses; a foreigner with broken English (called Fodlan in the game) which makes for some funny and lovable dialogue from her. She is a skilled hunter who is fast and agile. But she has a great heart as well.

Aside from being one of the coolest characters in the game, Petra is a great Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay if you’re looking to cosplay someone who isn’t bulky or full of armour. Petra’s clothing is more light and casual. In her original edition, Petra wears an outfit similar to a minidress. But in her Post Timskip edition, she wears more-revealing tribal clothing (good for those resort conventions like YetiCon). In the game, Petra is a diverse character, so you can hold a sword, axe or bow and it would suit her well.

Petra cosplay (Aelynn)
Cosplayer: Aelynn’s Cosplay.

7. Sylvain (House member of the Blue Lions)

Sylvain Cosplay (Squeakadeekn)
Sylvain is a flirty type who offer his love (and his rose) to almost every girl he’s interested in!
Cosplayer: Squeakadeekn.

Oh Sylvain, the ladies’ man of Three Houses. He loves to flirt with all the girls in the Monastery and he’ll even join your group and switch Houses automatically if you’re female Byleth! Despite coming off like that, Sylvain is fairly intelligent; his cavalry skills are top-notch and he’s also proficient in magic. As you progress through the game, you’ll see why he’s a big flirt.

Cosplaying Sylvain is fairly simple for his original version. He has orange hair, a white dress shirt and the typical Monastery uniform blazer and pants with white boots. His Post Timeskip version is full-on armor, so if that’s your thing then go for it!

8. Lysithea (Walking nuke disguised as a little girl!)

Lysithea (ponpon.jpg)
Lysithea might act tough and cold-hearted, but deep down she’s a kid at heart who secretly loves her sweets.
Cosplayer: ponpon.jpg

Lysithea is another one of my favourite characters! Why? She’s insanely powerful in the game and she’s got the most adorable personality! Because she’s the youngest student in the academy, she tries so hard to act tough like an adult and not being afraid of ghosts (while also eating sweets in secret). But ends up being more adorable because of it!

Lysithea has her signature long white hair and purple/white dress. Her hair doesn’t change that much in Post Timeskip version; she just looks (a little bit) older. She is a powerful mage so she doesn’t hold any weapons or props.

9. Dorothea (Student and former songstress)

Dorothea (Nisaba Cosplay)
She may be just a commoner, but Dorothea has the looks, singing ability and combat skills to hang with nobility!
Cosplayer: nisaba.cosplay. Photo taken by theeonlymartin.

While on the outside she might just look like another pretty face, Dorothea is one of the more interesting characters of Three Houses. Growing up as a poor commoner and then being recruited for the opera for her singing ability and looks, she enrolls in the Monastery to prove that you can fight and be successful without any nobility.

Cosplaying Dorothea in her original version isn’t too difficult: long brown wig/hair, a hat, her black and yellow minidress, and high-heel boots. However, her Post Timeskip version is much more complicated to pull off; it is very elaborate! Check out this pic for a reference on how to make it.

PS. I don’t think anyone has made Dorothea’s Post Timeskip edition yet. It is insanely difficult to pull off IRL! If you have, please send a photo to me, I’d love to share!

10. Seteth (Second in-command)

Seteth Cosplay (marowtcosplay)
Just as his demeanor would suggest, Seteth is a strict person who likes thing orderly.
Cosplayer: marowtcosplay. Photo taken by kriszphotography.

I don’t really have much to say about Seteth. He’s one of the leaders of the Monastery and Church and oversees things going on at the academy. He cares about Flayn a lot, sometimes being like an overbearing parent. He has animosity for Byleth in the beginning, but opens up and becomes a reliable ally later in the game.

Seteth wears an overcoat that makes him look like the boss he actually is. One thing to note is that he has a distinguishable green eyebrows and goatee. So if you cosplay Seteth, be sure to add some makeup to emphasize those parts.

11. Claude (Three Houses Leader of the Golden Deers)

Claude (Slawthe)
Claude, the master of persuasion and wittiness. Cosplayer: Slawthe. Costume made by cannolicat31.

Quite possibly the most handsome of the Three House leaders, Claude is a charismatic person and a great leader for the Golden Deers. His charming and witty personality makes him so enjoyable. Unlike many other characters, Claude does not care about royalty or lineage; he’s all about being fair and impartial (which ties hugely into the plot).

In his original version, Claude has the typical Monastery outfit with some yellow and gold. In the Post Timeskip edition, his outfit is a bit more elaborate. Claude’s hairstyle is kind of slickback, so it won’t be too hard to style with a wig.

12. Archbishop Rhea (Supreme Leader of the Church)

Rhea (silent_pr1ncess)
No one is quite as elegant and frightening at the same time as Lady Rhea!
Cosplayer: silent_pr1ncess.

The queen of the Monastery! Lady Rhea is the one in charge of the Church and Monastery. She’s one of the main characters of the game and you can feel her presence every time you run into her. Rhea can be one of the most calm and soothing characters, while also being the most vile and scary.

I would say Rhea is one of the more difficult characters to cosplay. Her dress and outfit in general is very unique and complicated. She’s got insanely long green hair and her signature crown that you’ll have to get commissioned or bought (unless you’re good at making those).

13. Manuela (Fire Emblem Three Houses instructor)

Manuela (gingiebluecosplay)
One day Manuela will find a man that’s good for her!
Cosplayer: gingiebluecosplay. Photo taken by Vaughn Photography.

Oh my! Manuela is one of the other professors at the Monastery, and a former songstress in the opera. You’d think with her position, she would be formal and kept. But in fact, she’s quite the opposite! Manuela is known to drink regularly and to flirt with the knights in search of her true love.

Manuela’s outfit is pretty unique. It’s a dress…but a very revealing dress (gotta provide that fan service). On top of her lab coat as well because she is a professor after all.

14. Flayn (A truly fun Fire Emblem Three Houses character to cosplay!)

Flayn (peachieteas)
Flayn is quite intelligent for her age!
Cosplayer: peachieteas. Photo taken by Vicente Logarta.

She may look really young, but her intricate dialogue and elegant speaking beg to differ. Who knows how old Flayn actually is? Flayn isn’t actually a student at the Monastery; she is part of the Church and a family member of Seteth. Much of her past is shrouded in mystery. But all we know is that she loves fish!

It isn’t too hard to cosplay Flayn. All you need is her signature green hair and her outfit. And of course put on a bubbly face!

Flayn-O-Fish (peachieteas)
Just having a Flayn-O-Fish. Cosplayer: peachieteas. Photo taken by Vicente Logarta.

15. Shamir (The Silent Assassin)

Shamir is the master of the bow and at battling! Cosplayer: ninjadeelee. Photo taken by seattlemodelphotog.

Everyone’s favorite goth girl from Three Houses! Shamir is a woman of few words and only cares about getting the job done (like a true mercenary). But her personality is what makes her special!


Here are the 15 Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay ideas you should do:

  1. Byleth (Male and Female version)
  2. Lady Edelgard
  3. Hilda
  4. Bernadetta
  5. Mercedes
  6. Petra
  7. Sylvain
  8. Lysithea
  9. Dorothea
  10. Seteth
  11. Claude
  12. Rhea
  13. Manuela
  14. Flayn
  15. Shamir

There you have it – 15 Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay ideas for you!

Which Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay character is your favourite? Who would you want to cosplay, or which character have you already cosplayed from the series? Let me know in the comments!

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