I’m going to have a little fun today and make a totally off-topic post!

Throughout time and history, Nintendo has made some wonderful products. But at the same time, they’ve made some stuff that I’d question why they even bothered doing so. So in this somewhat off-topic post, I’m going to discuss 4 Nintendo video game accessories I absolutely hated while growing up as a gamer kid.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and the products they’ve released have brought me lots of fun, memorable times throughout my life. But there were some products I genuinely disliked from them. Here are 4:

1. Game Boy Advance E-Reader

For those who don’t know, the Nintendo E-Reader was an accessory for the Game Boy Advance where you’d buy cards from the store and swipe it through the E-Reader in order to unlock content in various video games. For example, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, one card would unlock these rare berries you couldn’t get in the original game.

To me, the E-Reader was glorified DLC for GBA games before DLC became mainstream (unfortunately). I was a dumb kid back in the day and spent all my money on video game stuff, so I ended up buying this thing. I paid a shit ton of money for the reader, and the cards themselves were not cheap either. For the first time in my young life back then, I really felt ripped off. Not only that, I ended up buying an Action Replay which not only was cheaper than the E-Reader, I got way more value from the Action Replay than I ever did from buying the cards. With the Action Replay, I could have as many berries as I want, as well as any Pokémon I wanted.

So I learned a hard lesson as a kid – never buy stupid gimmicks! That’s why I never liked any Amiibos, because it reminds me how the E-reader was for the GBA – very expensive DLC (only with the Amiibos, the DLCis inside figurines).

2. Nintendo 64 Controller Pak

The Nintendo 64 Controller Pak was basically a memory card for the system. But I never understood why the Nintendo 64 needed one in the first place. All the games are in cartridge format, meaning that you’re able to save the game on the cartridge itself. In fact, some games I had for the N64 required you to have a Controller Pak to save, which is really dumb. And yes you could argue that a Controller Pak is useful for bringing a save file with you to your friend’s place. But why not just bring the game cartridge itself? It’s the same thing.

The main advantages of cartridge vs. CD is that it’s more durable and more importantly, you can save on it. Having to use a Controller Pak defeats the whole purpose of sticking with cartridges. In fact, it’s probably why the PlayStation 1 was considered better than its rival the N64 -CDs at the time were just greatly superior to cartridges.

3. The Original GameCube Memory Card

Now with the GameCube, it made sense to use memory cards since the games were based off of mini discs. I bought the GameCube when it first came out, and the design of the card was not impressive because it the storage was so small. It could hold 59 “blocks,” which is okay if the game only takes 2-3 blocks for a save file. But some games take more than the entire memory card. For example, I remember buying NBA2K2 and because the save file was enormous, I had to go buy another memory card which wasn’t made from Nintendo. The third party manufacturer s made memory cards larger than the ones made by Nintendo. Now that’s just sad.

Funny enough when I bought Animal Crossing for the GameCube, a memory card was included with the game because it would take up the entire card. That’s how small the memory card was. Nintendo eventually made a bigger memory card. But I don’t understand why Nintendo would make a tiny memory card during the first days of its release. So short-sighted, like this next accessory…

4. GameCube – Game Boy Advance Link Cable

This is by far my least favourite Nintendo accessory of all time. The accessory itself is not bad; it was useful for some video games (e.g. Pokémon battling on the big screen in Pokémon Colosseum). But what this accessory stood for was ridiculous.

Because during the GameCube era, Nintendo promised online gaming for the console. As a Nintendo fanboy at the time, I was drooling at the thought of playing Mario Kart, F-Zero and Smash Bros online! But at around 2004 or so, Nintendo changed their mind and instead of announcing updates regarding online gaming for the GameCube, they decided to shift their focus away from that and onto GBA-GC connectivity instead. That’s right; Nintendo thought we rather would play 4-player Zelda with our Gameboys than take Nintendo gaming to the next level with online gaming.

At the time, I was incredibly disappointed. To me, it was a very stubborn decision by Nintendo that ensured the GameCube stayed in 3rd place in the console wars, behind the Xbox and PlayStation 2. While Microsoft was revolutionizing online console gaming and Sony was killing it with amazing games for the PS2, Nintendo was still stuck in its old ways. And that was more evident with this cable.

This moment was also the reason I stopped being a Nintendo fanboy when I was younger.

Sony and Microsoft were doing things on a whole different level than Nintendo was, and as a gamer, I couldn’t ignore it any longer. So I saw the light and decided to play some better games on other systems. Fortunately, Nintendo has improved recently and swung it out of the ball park with the Wii and DS. But this accessory was a reminder of some of the bad decisions they made during the GameCube era.

In another post, I’ll make a list of accessories I really like from Nintendo. But I first wanted to share the ones I hated!

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