Animal Crossing cosplay!

If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ve probably played Animal Crossing. I myself have played since the first one for the GameCube. And if you own a Nintendo Switch owner, you’ve likely played the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game!

The series has been incredibly popular ever since the latest edition came out. And it was released at the perfect time last year; when the pandemic was shutting everything down, we needed a game like New Horizons to help us get through the tough times. If you’re interested in why Animal Crossing: New Horizons was so successful, check out this interesting study about it (Zhu, Lin. “The psychology behind video games during COVID‐19 pandemic: A case study of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies 3.1 (2021): 157-159.).

The game is awesome and now many cosplayers have been inspired to cosplay from the series. That’s where Senpai comes in!

In this post, I’ll give you 15 Animal Crossing cosplay ideas that you’ll want to try out.

The nice thing about AC cosplays is that almost all of them are easy to do. Most of them are fairly casual and a lot of them have flexibility in terms of what you can do. They don’t require much and some you can actually just use your regular clothing. ALL of them are super cute, so you’ll love these ideas if you want that Kawaii look.

Without further ado, let’s look into some Animal Crossing cosplay ideas!

1. Isabelle (everyone’s favorite secretary)

By far the most popular Animal Crossing character to cosplay, so of course I have to start with Isabelle. She’s the main secretary in New Leaf who helps you get started in your new town. Because of how important Isabelle is, she’s pretty much a well-known character. She also happens to be in New Horizons as well. Isabelle is a kind and gentle character, and her cute outfit is why so many cosplayers have dressed up as her!

2. Tom Nook (The villain of Animal Crossing?)

Tom Nook (Animal Crossing cosplay)
Love him or hate him, Tom Nook is the businessman that sells you everything in the game. Cosplayer: taiga_del_sol.

By far the most important character in all of Animal Crossing, Tom Nook is a legendary character in the series. He’s the one that sells you materials for your house, gets you rich off the turnips and even gives you real estate advice. You’ll either learn to love or hate this tanuki. But because he’s so prominent in the game, why not cosplay the character that Animal Crossing famous?

3. Reese and Cyrus

The owners of Re-Tail (get it?), Reese and Cyrus are perfect for couples who want to cosplay together.  Who doesn’t love their cute little aprons? They’re a match made for each other! You’ll have to do some makeup work for both characters, but it’s not too difficult in my opinion.

4. Blathers (The museum specialist)

Our favorite museum owl, Blathers has been in every game of the series. He’s the owl you give all your fossils, insects and fish for his collection. Being in the series for so long, he’s one of the most memorable characters, so cosplaying him is a good choice! You can go for his full owl outfit, or go for something more casual involving normal clothing.

5. K.K. Slider (Everyone’s favorite musician)

If you have Animal Crossing tunes stuck in your head, K.K. Slider is the reason why! His cute voice and little guitar have brought memorable songs to the series. If you decide to cosplay K.K. Slider, you’ll have no problem with anyone not knowing who you are! Be sure to bring a guitar with you. 🙂

6. Timmy and Tommy

When Tom Nook gets rich, he has Timmy and Tommy helping out with the shop! Cosplayers: jestina_keys and caram3llo_cosplay. Photo by futurephotographybym3.

The cute assistants of Tom Nook’s shop, Timmy and Tommy is another good choice if you want to cosplay with a friend. All you need is an apron, ears and a spot on your nose to look like the little tanuki. Add a little dot on your nose to make you look even cuter!

7. Lolly

Lolly is the cat that has been around the series for the longest. Cosplayer: cattzs.

There are many different villagers in Animal Crossing that you can do. One of them is Lolly, the cute-looking cat who’s been in the series from the beginning. She has an edgier look than most of the villagers in the game. Just grab some cat ears and do a little makeup in order to look like her!

8. Brewster (Best Barista)

Who doesn’t love a villager who also loves coffee? That’s what Brewster is all about! Cosplayer: doubleshotcosplay.

Ah, do you still remember Brewster? The pigeon-looking character with a love for coffee? He appeared in Wild World, serving you that cup of caffeine in Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. He’s a great character to cosplay if you’re a coffee-lover yourself!

9. Sable (Best sewing artist)

Sable (Animal Crossing cosplay)
Cosplayer: abracatrena. Photo by photobuffalo.

Don’t you want to cosplay a character that coincidentally makes fabric and clothing? Sable is another character all the way from the first game for the GameCube who owns the fabric shop. Unlike her sister, Sable is pretty shy and introverted. If you connect with her personality and love the patterns she makes for you, then Sable is a good choice.

10. Dr. Shrunk

Animal Crossing is full of crazy characters, and Dr. Shrunk is one of them! Cosplayer: louieladore.

Not everyone knows who Dr. Shrunk is, because he’s a special character in the game. So maybe you never got the chance to interact with him. But if you want to cosplay someone from Animal Crossing that’s a little more obscure, then this is the perfect character for you. Dr. Shrunk looks a little crazy, so he’s great if you want to look a little wild!

11. Pietro (Sheep sheep!)

Pietro (Animal Crossing cosplay)
Pietro is a very colorful character to say the least. Cosplayer: taiga_del_sol.

Do you love clowns? If so, then cosplaying Pietro is definitely for you! He’s the cute villager who looks like a clown. His personality is very eccentric, so Pietro is a good easy option for someone outlandish in Animal Crossing!

12. Celeste

Celeste (Animal Crossing cosplay)
Celeste is the sister of Blathers who balances things out. 🙂 Cosplayer: xgeorgiadyerx.

Who would have thought that Blathers would have a younger sister? Despite him being more prominent, Celeste is still a pretty awesome character. Well, she’s certainly nicer than her well-known brother. Her red color is a great way to stand out for Animal Crossing cosplay.

13. Mr. Resetti (when you messed up)

Back in the day, you’d get a lecture from Mr. Resetti for turning off the game without saving! Thank goodness for auto-save these days. Cosplayer: shandelions.

Ah yes! Who can forget Mr. Resetti, the angry mole that yells at you for not saving your game properly? Sadly he’s been relegated to another department since New Horizons has auto-save now. But Mr. Resetti is a still a good choice for a humorous Animal Crossing cosplay ideas!

14. Raymond

Raymond (Animal Crossing cosplay)
Everybody loves Raymond! Cosplayer: taiga_del_sol.

Another member of the smug crew, Raymond is another popular character from New Horizons. Maybe it’s the different eye colors he has, or the fact that he’s a unique cat. Either way, Raymond is a great choice for Animal Crossing cosplay ideas!

15. Villager (You!)

Last but not least, we have you – the Villager! Much like in the game, you can customize how you want to look like in cosplay. You can be the smiley main character, or the violent tree chopper that everyone loves!

To summarize, here are the 15 Animal Crossing cosplay ideas you should try:

  1. Isabelle
  2. Tom Nook
  3. Reese and Cyrus
  4. Blathers
  5. KK Slider
  6. Timmy and Tommy
  7. Lolly
  8. Brewster
  9. Sable
  10. Dr. Shrunk
  11. Pietro
  12. Celeste
  13. Mr. Resetti
  14. Raymond
  15. Villager

And there you have it; 15 Animal Crossing cosplay ideas. Which ones would you like to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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