Anime conventions in 2023…

A while back, there was a convention that released their hotel block. And always, there is a huge scramble to get the best hotel rooms. They normally get fully booked by the time they are released.

So most years, I would try to get a hotel room like many other people. Because this convention is big and for a lot of people, it’s an annual tradition for them.

But this year, I honestly didn’t care. I let the hotel blocks lapse and I missed out on a hotel room (or at least a decent one).

I guess I’ve tried out so many different conventions, that missing this particular one isn’t that big of a deal to me. Because of my own experiences, I know there are a lot of better cons than this one!

Which got me thinking into writing this blog post about trying new conventions for yourself!

What are the best cosplay conventions?

There are so many conventions around the world, especially in North America. But based on my own experiences, here are the 10 cosplay conventions I recommend attending in 2023 that I’ve went to (no particular order):

As you can see above, I made a YouTube video going into more detail why these conventions are worth attending. Watch the video if you want more in-depth information!

Here are some other cons that are very popular as well:

Why should you try new conventions?

The Palais des Congres convention centre for Otakuthon
The Palais des Congres convention centre for Otakuthon. This was the first convention for me outside of my hometown, and I had such a fun time!

Much like anything in life, you never know how good or bad something is until you try new things. This is especially true with cosplay conventions. By attending new and different conventions, you’ll have a higher standard for yourself and ultimately better experiences. If you keep going to the same conventions all the time, you’ll never know how good or bad you have it. This is coming from my own experiences.

Once, I saw on my Facebook feed about a large con that was cancelling its virtual con for this year. Not a big deal.

But then I noticed a TON of negative comments about the con, how it’s going downhill and not the same as it was.

I was pretty surprised that even a big con like that can fall from its former glory. But then again, it’s hard to stay on top of your game for so long. Now that I think about it, there are quite a few cons that used to be good but not anymore.

Anyways, let’s get down to the point of this post…

5 reasons for you to try out a new cosplay convention this year

Before we begin, I want to say that you need to have the money first to try a new convention! Your life and priorities always come first (more on that here). But if you have the money and time to do this, read on…

1. You never know how great conventions are.

You can always appreciate unique conventions like YetiCon!

I used to be complacent and okay with only going to local conventions. But then I started traveling outside of Canada and started attending U.S. cons. Holy moly, what a difference; I realized there are so many great conventions outside of my hometown! Mind you, not all cons are great and you save a lot of money attending local cons. But it’s good to get out of your zone and experience something different!

2. As shown in this situation, great cons may not last forever.

A lot of convention attendees don’t even cosplay and they still have tons of fun. So don’t forget that cosplay is supposed to fun and that you don’t need to cosplay at a con to have fun!

If an awesome con is around, don’t think it’ll be around permanently. In the Greater Toronto Area, there was a con named Con-G and honestly, it was the best small con I’ve ever been to. But unfortunately, the con had to cease existing due to the organizers having to move on from the event.

Another aspect is that while certain conventions can be around for a long time, the convention itself may change, for better or worse. I myself, along with others, have experienced conventions that were much better in the past than they are now. Whether it’s getting too big for their own good, or having different policies. Not to stroke that FOMO too much, but there really are times when a convention’s golden period comes to an end!

3. You get to meet tons of people!

You get to meet so many cool new people at a convention outside of your home area!

While it’s definitely possible to meet new people at a local convention near you, in my experience it’s a lot easier and more fun when you’re not from the area. I guess there’s a certain cool factor when you’re a convention attendee from out-of-state (or even out of the country) that people enjoy. You can share the different experiences you have in your area, compared to what the locals experience in that area. With that said, it’s also interesting to see how many people are into the same things as you are (e.g. video games, Anime, random memes, etc).

I have met so many awesome people at conventions; it’s partly why I enjoy going to different ones all the time! It’s a lot of fun.

4. A new place to explore

Being in sunny and warm Florida was definitely a perk of attending Holiday Matsuri!

For you guys that regularly read my content, you know that I really enjoy traveling. So for me, why not combine the two hobbies together; cosplay and traveling? 🙂

Going to a local con can definitely be fun! But going on a trip to a different convention not only is fun, but you also get to see a new place too. I know a lot of you may not have the money to hop on a plane and spends hundreds of dollars on a big con on the other side of the continent. But even doing a small roadtrip or bus ride a few hours away, you’re more than likely to find a different cosplay convention there! This is especially true if you live in the US; there are tons of cons in the country.

So if you got an itch to travel like I do, then going to a convention outside of home is always more fun!

5. More memories

Roadtrips are usually fun times!

It’s one thing to just take the bus or drive 15-30 minutes to a local convention. But going on a roadtrip or or flying to a different convention is always going to be memorable! I remember my last convention roadtrip was incredibly fun; not just the convention itself, but the journey there with friends and back. All the roadtrips I’ve done for conventions have always been awesome.

Here’s a post about a doing a con roadtrip!

Summary of Anime conventions in 2023

So I hope this post about Anime conventions in 2023 is informational for you. Like I mentioned before, if you don’t have the money, then don’t sweat it. But if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you try out a new cosplay convention for this year!

Are there any new conventions you will be attending this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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