Best foam for cosplay!

If you didn’t know, foam is one of the best materials you can use for cosplay. From the beautiful looking armored costumes to the awesome props, foam can make a lot of great things possible.

Foam can be really complex and you can end up spending a lot of money, especially if your cosplay is elaborate. That’s why it’s important to select the right foam for your project and your budget. But which one is right for you? That’s what we will be talking about today!

In this post, I’ll give you the 5 best foam for cosplay you should use. Whatever your budget or character you plan on cosplaying as, you’ll find at least one of these foam materials suitable for you. These are the best of the best.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. EVA Foam

Marth cosplay

We have to start this list with by far the most popular foam to use, and that would be EVA foam. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate.

EVA is actually used for many things such as sports shoes and yoga mats. But in terms of cosplaying, EVA foam is the best type of foam you can use for your cosplay project. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, the material is easy to work with and very durable.

EVA foam is also fairly flexible, so you can easily customize your armor or your prop with not too much difficulty. On top of that, you can buy all sorts of different EVA foam in terms of thickness and in different colors.

Overall, EVA foam will be your best option if you’re looking for something that’s high-quality and affordable.

2. Worbla

Worbla is another popular choice for cosplay foam. The best feature of Worbla is the wonderful quality it provides. Some of the best armored cosplays you see are a result of the use of Worbla. Not only does Worbla look great, the material is very flexible; all you have to do is heat it up and you can shape Worbla the way you want. Yes, so if you make a mistake while crafting, you can just reheat Worbla and try again.

By far the biggest the downside of Worbla is the cost. Of all the cosplay foam materials out there, Worbla is the most expensive. Availability is another issue; in some countries, Worbla is not even available. I learned this in my interview with Egyptian cosplayer Pikachan Cosplay. So if you don’t live in North America or Europe, or you’re on a budget, then Worbla may not be for you.

3. Craft foam

Craft foam is another great option for your cosplay project. It’s pretty similar to EVA foam but much lighter and usually sold as a much smaller piece.

The main advantage of craft foam is the cost; you can buy them easily and for cheap at your local arts store (click here to see the best places to purchase cosplay supplies). However, I wouldn’t recommend using craft foam as your main source of foam for your costume as it’s too lightweight to hold up. Craft foam is best suited for something very small or specific on your cosplay.

4. Clay foam

Clay foam is a really cool concept! It’s similar a soft putty mixture where you can shape and mould to whatever you want it to be! And when you let it dry out, the Clay foam becomes hard and durable like regular foam. Truly a great invention.

I myself haven’t used clay foam yet but I can see it being really useful for props or armor that are really curvy and need a lot of bending. With clay foam, you can easily bend and shape whatever you like. You probably wouldn’t want to base your entire cosplay on clay though, as that would probably get expensive with all that clay you’d have to use.

5. Plastazote

Last but not least, we have plastazote. You might be wondering what is plastazote? Well, it’s a closed-cell something that’s great for LEDs on your costume as the material easily diffuses light. Plastazote is not as thick as EVA foam; hence why the light is about to visibly go through the material. However, that also means plastazote is not as durable, so it’s something you don’t want to use as your main material.


To summarize, here are the 5 best foam for cosplay:

  1. EVA foam
  2. Worbla
  3. Craft foam
  4. Clay foam
  5. Plastazote

And there you have it; 5 of the best foam for cosplay! I hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below!