My most memorable cosplay moments!

After you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll start to have some memorable moments in the cosplay world. Whether you are attending cosplay conventions or you’re doing photoshoots with your costume, it’s always a social setting, meaning you’ll probably have a great time doing so.

I’ve been cosplaying for over 10 years, so you can bet that I’ve had some moments that I vividly remember.

But let’s answer the question…

How do you have memorable cosplay moments?

In order to have memorable cosplay moments, you simply have to cosplay more often. Whether that involves going to a lot of Anime and comic conventions, or hanging out with friends in cosplay, you will eventually have moments that are unforgettable and memorable. The longer you are in this hobby, the better!

In this post, I’ll go over my 5 most memorable cosplay moments that I wanted to share with you. These are things that have happened to me through my years of cosplaying. I’m sure you’ll find these moments entertaining, and I hope you’ll have awesome memories like I have.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. My very first time cosplaying.

Ah yes! Of course we got to start this article with the time I started my cosplay journey. It all started at Fan Expo in Toronto Canada, where I’m from.

I was cosplaying Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Looking back at that costume, I can’t believe how bad I looked. But it didn’t really matter.

The most important thing was that I was having fun cosplaying for the first time, and that’s exactly how it went. Not only did I have fun cosplaying as Sora, but I also enjoyed talking to attendees at the convention that was also into Kingdom Hearts as well.

My first cosplay experience was a memorable one.

2. Free wig styling right at the convention.

My friend helping me with my Marth before a shoot.
My friend helping me with my Marth before a shoot. Having a friend accompany you during a shoot is always helpful!

At one convention, I was cosplaying Marth from Fire Emblem (click here for more video game cosplay ideas). I was ready to do a Fire Emblem photoshoot with my friends at this con.

But then all of a sudden, one of my friends tells me to sit down. Out of nowhere, she pulls out some scissors and decides that she wants to make my wig look better while she’s in cosplay herself! Yes, she wanted to cut my wig and make it look even better right then and right there.

Not only did I it pretty funny that she wanted to randomly style my wig, but I did appreciate her efforts. In the end, my Marth cosplay looked a lot better with her awesome wig styling and I got lots of good photos from it. Definitely a memorable moment in my cosplay career!

3. Simply one hell of a butler!

If you’ve followed my cosplay stuff for a while, then you know that I’ve cosplayed Sebastian from Black Butler many times. Well, what if I told you that me cosplaying from Black Butler had helped me meet a wonderful friend? I’m sure that’s something you will experience as well at some point during your cosplay adventures!

This was during a big convention in Canada. I found a cosplayer who was dressed up as Ciel (another character from Black Butler). I asked for their photo and immediately, we kicked it off and had a wonderful conversation. From there, she asked me to come walk around with herself and her friend and I pretty much did since we were cosplaying from the same series.

I say this is memorable for me because this happened over 10 years ago. And to this day, we are still close friends and keep in touch! I think to myself, if I wasn’t cosplaying Sebastian that day, I probably would have never met my friend. It’s crazy to think how something so trivial can have such a huge impact. This is why you should cosplay your favorite characters!

4. Being a cosplay guest for the first time.

Roy Mustang cosplay
It was fun being a cosplay guest!

Believe it not, I was actually a guest at a small comic convention! Yes, the organizer of the event, he asked me to be one of his cosplay guests.

While I was reluctant at first because I didn’t think I deserved to be worthy of a cosplay guest, I eventually happily accepted the invite! I got to attend the convention for free of course, and it made for a good excuse to visit a small city that I haven’t been to in years.

To be honest, the experience of being a cosplay guest was a lot of fun. I got to interact with a lot of people, from older adults attending to the younger crowd that just enjoyed being at a comic convention. Everyone there was so respectful and wonderful, and I appreciated the experience of being a cosplay guest.

You don’t need to be as talented as Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri to be a cosplay guest at a convention. I’d say it takes a little networking and outreach to help you successfully be one. I myself was a cosplay guest only because of my connections. So if I can do it as a casual cosplayer, you probably can as well!

5. Attending an overseas convention for the first time.

Last but not least, I wanted to share my cosplay moment when I attended my first international convention. While I am from Canada and the USA is technically an intentional destination for me, I don’t really count it as one in this situation. Yes, American cons are amazing and I love attending them (click here to read the differences between American and Canadian cons).

But when I say overseas, I really mean it! My first convention outside of North America was in Europe in a foreign country where English is NOT the first language. So I basically went to a con, not knowing the local language.

I’m glad I went to this convention! I had such a unique experience and I learned a lot. There are definitely a lot of differences; it seems conventions outside of North America are more a daytime show and more casual setting than back home. The hours are far more limited, with the one I went to closing around 8 p.m.

But there were also many similarities. You have cosplayers dressing up as their favorite characters, going to panels, checking out the dealer’s room. And of course, everyone asking for cosplay photos! It was quite a culture shock when I asked for a cosplay photo in the local language, as well as foreign congoers asking for my picture in their language!

I really enjoyed going to a foreign convention, it was quite the experience! And it makes me want to attend more conventions overseas.


I hope you found this post entertaining and interesting. These are just 5 cosplay moments so far I’ve shared; I have many many more! I’d be willing to share more, if you guys want.

Do you have any memorable cosplay moments? I want to hear! Share them in the comments below.