Genshin Impact cosplays!

Whether you’re a regular Genshin player, or someone who has seen the game plastered everwhere, I’m sure you’re curious to see which character you should cosplay as? And why not; the game is incredibly popular right now, and whether you’re a hardcore fan or not, I’m sure you want to take part and cosplay a character from the series. If so, you’re right in the right place!

In this article, I’ll show you the 30 awesome Genshin Impact outfit ideas you can do. I’ve also included for most characters: all the materials, fabrics, accessories you need to craft each and every character on your own. If you rather buy the costumes however, then I’ve also included links to where you can purchase some of them!

Keep in mind that every cosplayer has their own techniques for crafting, so your results may not necessarily exactly like the photos shown here.

When I originally wrote this article, Genshin Impact was picking up steam. But now this game has taken over the gaming AND cosplay world for a while now! And why not; what’s not to love about this game?

It’s a lot of fun, there’s a great story and most importantly, the characters are so fun and interesting…sort of like ones in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There are so many reasons why this game is popular. (If you want to know why, check out this detailed study (Megan Chao. “Mechanics of Ascension Through Genshin Impact” ART 108: Introduction to Games Studies (2021).

So if you’re looking for Genshin Impact cosplay ideas or you want to beat the cosplay hype deadline, then this post is for you!

I’ve updated this list for 2024 to include characters from the (relatively) new region of Fontaine!

Here’s why I believe cosplaying from Genshin Impact is not a bad choice at all:

  • The game is already insanely popular and will continue to be for a very long time. It’s one of the most successful gacha games of all time. So you can bet that people will know who you are if you’re doing a Genshin Impact cosplay.
  • Not only that, but if you decide to make or buy a Genshin cosplay, it’s future-proof for the foreseeable future. This game only continues to get popular, so your Genshin costume will be relevant for years to come, in terms of popularity.
  • Every single character is 3D and fleshed out with personality. From the adorable Paimon to the edgy Rosaria, there’s probably a character for you worth cosplaying.
  • The outfits for every character are truly magnificent! So whether you’re looking a costume-making challenge or you want to wear a fancy outfit, Genshin Impact cosplay is right for you.

So if any of this stuff resonates with you, then read on.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: I have some affiliate links in this article if you’re looking to wear any of these cosplays. If you’re buying from these sites, you’re also supporting me and my hobby so I appreciate it!

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Alright, let’s goooo!

1. Shenhe (Exorcist Waifu)

Shenhe is one of the newer characters added in Genshin, and boy is she worth cosplaying! Cosplayer: mika_zuh. Photo by hrk.cosphoto.

One of the newest characters in Genshin Impact! Shenhe is an exorcist girl who was born human but raised by supernatural gods (Adepti). So she has the quite the story and upbringing! Nevertheless, Shenhe is another Ice Waifu added to the game that you should consider cosplaying. Think of her outfit like a bodysuit, but fancier.

2. Furina (Fontaine’s most popular)

Furina is the Hydro Archon of Fontaine that definitely takes the spotlight! Cosplayer: rumi.92_. Photo taken by geichigo_cos.

Furina is the Hydro Archon in Fontaine, the newest region in Genshin Impact. As an Archon, Furina is very unique. She doesn’t have the strong combat skills like the other Archons do, but she makes up for it in so many ways (once you play the story, you will know). For example, she is talented in acting and performing on stage, and her eccentric and adorable personality is well-liked by many players. I would argue that Furina is the most popular character from Fontaine. Her outfit is wonderful as well, and I’m sure a lot of cosplayers will be dressing up as Furina!

3. Raiden Shogun (The Electro Archon)

The Electro Archon! Cosplayer: magicpocky. Photo taken by kystix.

Raiden Shogun, also known as the Electro Archon God! Did you know that Raiden Shogun was the most popular character banner? This just shows how insanely popular the Electro Archon is. Not just in the game but in the cosplay world as well. There have been tons of Raiden Shogun cosplayers and for good reason. Not only is her outfit super hot, but everyone likes her character design. I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up as the fierce Archon who pulls a sword out of her chest?

4. Neuvilette (Fontaine Husbando)

Neuvilette has been bringing justice to Fontaine for over 400 years! Cosplayer: padiko_cosplay.

Neuvillette is a recent addition to Genshin, coming from the new Fontaine region. He is one of the most interesting characters in the game. Neuvillette is the Iudex of Fontaine (ie the Judge in all the court trials), and because of his impartiality and stoic personality, he is a very relatable character. Neuvilette is incredibly strong due to his powers that he possesses. It also helps that Neuvillette has got that Husbando look! He is a great character to cosplay as, especially if you want to dress up as a newer character from the game.

5. Lisa (Waifu Genshin Impact hot cosplay)

Lisa (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Genshin Impact players already simping hard for Lisa, and for good reason! Cosplayer: colette.cosplay. If you want to buy her outfit, click here.

Lisa is like the perfect Waifu in this game with her charming looks and sultry voice. 🙂 While Lisa can be super flirty towards the main character, she is also pretty smart and uses her epic skills to cast magic spells in battle. Lisa is pretty damn popular! Just search her up on YouTube and see what kind of video results you get. She’s the perfect Genshin Impact sexy cosplay idea you’re looking for. 😉

What you’ll need to cosplay Lisa:

  • Wig – You can specifically purchase a Lisa wig or you can restyle any blonde wig to suit her style.
  • Hat – Making a large witch hat is a challenge in and of itself because it can get very heavy very quickly. One technique is to make the entire hat out of foam or cardboard, and then to cover it with fabric, lace, and sculpted details. Another technique is to repurpose witch hat brims by sacrificing two dollar store witch hats brims to create a larger witch hat. This method makes the hat more lightweight but is also more tricky.
  • Dress – Lisa’s dress is very complicated in design but can be broken down into three main parts. The first part is the bust – this is just white fabric with a fancy gold trim. You can repurpose a tube top or dress for that. The second part is the torso. I would draft a solid purple sloper or corset as the base, and then add the appliques on top with HeatnBond or fabric glue. The third section is the dress portion. Lisa’s flowy dress has a few different sections. The front section is a glorified rectangle, and the back section is like a flowy half- circle skirt.
  • Shoes – Any black heel would suffice, but I recommend something with a thicker block heel as it’s more comfortable to walk around on. You can always make the angle strap yourself.
  • Accessories – Lisa’s gloves and socks are not as important as her main outfit but you want to find something lacy to match the level of detail on her outfit. Make sure that the lace is stretchy so it conforms to your body better.

6. Ayaka (Inazuma Genshin Impact cosplay)

Ayaka (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Cosplayer: uchihagao333. Photo and background by 闪光. Assistance from 阿麦.

The princess of the Kamisato House, Ayaka was one of the most hyped characters in Genshin before she was recently released, along with the new region of Inazuma (based on Japan)! Now that Ayaka is around, I’ve seen quite a few Ayaka cosplays already and she looks awesome. Her outfit and design look amazing, so you should definitely consider Ayaka.

What you’ll need to cosplay Ayaka:

  • Wig – Use a wig head or place the wig on your own head to measure out where your eyes are. Then cut straight across to achieve the “-hime” bangs. You can then feather them out slightly at the ends by snipping upwards.
  • Dress – This is a fairly complicated design, but you can make it more approachable by breaking it down into colours. Each colour as its own block and then sew all the panels together.
  • Socks – Find a pair of white socks and add a ribbon detail by hand sewing a cute cross shape.

7. Kojou Sara (Loyal servant)

Kojou Sara always has a serious demeanor, but she’s still loved by many. Cosplayer: iivolga_. Photo taken by exze.cos.

I feel like Kojou Sara is underated in the game. She’s known as the loyal servant to the Electro Archon, the Raiden Shogun, and that’s all we know her as. In the game, she isn’t too strong or popular due to her awkward build. But Kojou Sara is a pretty cool character; she’s a fierce woman who takes her role very seriously. And she can kick some serious ass!

As for cosplaying, she’s definitely not as popular, at least compared to Raiden Shogun. So Kojou Sara is a great choice if you want to dress up as a character who’s lesser known. And she’s got a great outfit, which is a nice bonus!

8. Nilou (Best dancer)

Who doesn’t love Nilou? Cosplayer: cyerripaws. Photo by _venusphoto.

Nilou is one of the newest characters in Genshin Impact, appearing in the Sumeru arc of the game! She is the start of show that’s the Zubayr Theater. As you can tell from her beautiful outfit, Nilou is a talented dancer and specializes in the Hydro element.

Because of her sweet and nice personality, Nilou is definitely become a popular Genshin character recently! And I’m sure her outfit will be great when the weather gets warm (if you want more summer cosplay ideas, click here). As far as I know, Nilou is also the only female redhead character in the game (so far), so there’s that as well!

9. Barbara (Idol Genshin Impact cosplay)

Because she’s the Idol girl of Genshin, Barbara is a very popular cosplay choice! Cosplayer: ruruka0v0. If you want to buy her outfit, click here.

Do you love idols? Then Barbara should be your next cosplay choice. Although Barbara is a deaconess of the Mondstadt church who heals people, she also sings and dances for her beloved followers, like an idol does! Her outfit is cute and awesome, which is why Barbara is probably the most popular choice for a Genshin Impact cosplay.

What you’ll need to cosplay Barbara:

  • Hat – You can make this cute hat out of craft foam and it will keep its shape much better than fabric.
  • Dress – Barbara’s dress comes in three parts: the main body, the collar, and the sleeves. I would also remember to wear a petticoat under your dress to create a bigger, bell shape. You can use a black tulle petticoat for the best results.
  • Socks – White thigh-highs.
  • Shoes – Any white boot would probably be okay, but if you want to be accurate with the design, you can make a boot cover with the food wrap and duct tape technique.
  • Wig – You can find a twintail wig online. To create the bouncy drill curls at the end, study how Teto cosplayers or Danganronpa cosplayers use the tape-and-wire method to mimic drills below!

10. Hu Tao (Boo Tao)

“”Silly-churl, billy-churl, silly-billy Hilichurl!” Cosplayer: ruruka0v0. If you want to buy the ouftit for Hu Tao, click here.

Hu Tao is quite the interesting character! She is the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, and tries to advertise her “services” to the people of Liyue Harbor, much to their annoyance. Hu Tao has a morbid sense of humour and loves to spook others. Even though she has been released recently, she’s already quite popular with Genshin players. Hu Tao holds a staff and wears a cute outfit, so if you like to make odd jokes like her, you should cosplay as her!

What you’ll need to cosplay Hu Tao:

  • Wig – Hu Tao’s wig is sectioned into two sides, which you can easily re-create just by parting it in the middle back. One trick when parting wigs is to use a crisscross pattern instead of just parting straight down because that hides the weft better. You will probably be able to find a wig tinted red at the bottom, but if you can’t, you can recreate the look with hair chalk. 
  • Hat – ideally, you should find a magician’s hat and then just make it shorter. However, you can also make the hat from scratch. Just remember to measure your head with your wig on, as it can be a few inches larger in circumference.
  • Coat – You may be able to purchase a robe coat to use as the base. Then add the cuffs and snip away the front to the desired shape. For the 3D elements, you can embroider the details by hand with an embroidery hoop. Another option is to trace the pattern on pleather and sew on the details. There are some details on the inside of her coat which you can replicate with fabric paint since there are some organic shapes and colours that may be difficult to find. You can mix one part acrylic paint with one part fabric medium to make your own custom fabric paint colours. For the oriental buttons, you will need about 1.5y of cord. You can tie the cord yourself to mimic the shapes on her coat. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials around how to tie cord into a variety of different buttons. 
  • Pants – If comfort is a priority, you can wear a pair of black safety shorts or a pair of black short jean shorts. If accuracy is a priority, find a similar fabric to her coat and sew on some ¼” gold bias tape on the sides. 
  • Shoes – Any pair of loafers or Mary Jane’s would work for this outfit.

11. Alhaitham (Sumeru Husbando)

Alhaitham is THE Husbando of Sumeru. 🙂 Cosplayer: epicpandah.

When Alhaitham was first revealed in mid-2022, everyone was getting excited over this Husbando! And why not? With his perfect frame, pretty looks and even bigger intelligence (he is a scribe after all), Alhaitham is all you could ask for. On top of that, he is incredibly witty. I’d say his personality is more of a tsundere; no love lost and very direct (especially to your companion, Paimon).

Alhaitham will definitely be one of the more popular Genshin cosplays this year for sure!

12. Xiangling (Famed Chef from Liyue)

Xiangling (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Nice and spicy! Cosplayer: luckyelie3173. If you want to buy Xiangling cosplay, click here.

Xiangling is a famous chef from the Liyue region. Since you meet her relatively early in the game and you can get her eventually for free, Xiangling is a well-known character.  She is a bubbly girl who loves experimenting with food dishes, such as using slimes. She is a Pyro user who uses her small teddy bear called Gouba to dish out damage. Xiangling is probably one of the easier characters to cosplay. So if you want to cosplay a cute chef that loves using food puns, then Xiangling is a great choice.

What you’ll need to cosplay Xiangling:

  • Wig – Treat the braided portion of Xiangling’s hair separate from her real hair and it will be much more manageable. Wear a short bob wig and pin on the braids to the back.
  • Dress – The easiest way to reconstruct this dress is to not get too caught up in the exact number of lace fills there are on the bottom of her dress. When you’re cutting out the hem, make a facing (another piece of fabric) so your hem will have a clean edge. Don’t be afraid to put seams where you think they might make sense, such as in the bodice.
  • Gloves – These cartoony and exaggerated gloves are super fun to make. Use some craft foam sandwiched between two pieces of faux leather on the cuff to achieve the thicker leather effect.
  • Shoes – You might be able to get away with a black heel if you can’t find a brown one. However, any colour within the colour palette would work.
  • Lance – For this prop, use a ¾ inch PVC pipe and sculpt the blade out of worbla for strength.
  • Accessories – You can make a cute raccoon plushie with fleece and felt. Due to its size it might be easier to hand sew everything with an invisible stitch. For the eyes, you can use doll eyes or small black buttons. Stuff the inside and add a thick red rope and a green tassel. You can make your own thick rope by twisting 4 pieces of nylon cord with itself. I have also made cord with fabric successfully as well.

13. La Signora (Elite Agent)

La Signora has a beautiful costume. Cosplayer: saeko_dead_cosplay. Photo taken by cosplay.fotos. If you want to purchase the outfit of La Signora, click here.

La Signora is one of the Fatui Harbingers that was introduced early on in the game. She’s one of the bad guys with an aggressive attitude and won’t stop to fulfill her Archon’s goals. La Signora is incredibly powerful, being one of the top Harbingers. Her beautiful and elaborate outfit is why so many have cosplayed her already. It is one of the more complicated costumes to make, but if you’re up for the challenge, then you’ll look fabulous as La Signora!

14. Rosaria (Edgy Nun)

Rosaria (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Rosaria is the the polar opposite of Barbara! Cosplayer: okamiisaya. Photo taken by jonarayf. If you want to buy the ouftit for Rosaria, click here.

While Rosaria is a nun like Barbara, she is the complete opposite of her. Rosaria has a cold personality and she doesn’t seem to care much about her duties at the church. But she’s interesting as she operates during the night time, observing things to see who will threaten her people. As such, if you prefer to cosplay someone who is edgier and flashier, Rosaria is a good pick.

What you’ll need to cosplay Rosaria:

  • Wig – Rosaria’s wig is very simple: a spiky short base wig with a few longer clumps. There is also a section with a little bit of a deeper red and the good news is that you can easily dye wigs darker but it’s hard to dye them lighter. You can use the sharpie method or a synthetic fabric dye to make this work. The alternative to both is to grab a weft of darker hair and sew it on.
  • Hat – This hat almost looks more like a crown or a headband and I would treat it as such when making it. Use foam or Worbla to help it stand up.
  • Shirt – A generic white bra should do the trick here if you’re looking for something with more support. However, if you’re looking for more accuracy, you can make just the dress without the back support.
  • Dress – This well fitted dress with a high slit is a key part of her design. When selecting fabrics, I would choose something sturdy and woven with no stretch.
  • Arm bands – Believe it or not, I would actually wear socks or tights on her arms because of how closely fitted these arm bands are.
  • Tights – Fishnet tights can be purchased for about $2. You can layer them on tights of your choice.
  • Shoes – Find a nude or white pair of shoes and you’ll be able to easily paint them gold.

15. Ningguang (Geo Mommy)

Ningguang (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Ningguang is all about the $$$. Cosplayer: ekkokia. If you want to buy the costume of Ningguang, click here.

Ningguang is one of the leaders who watches over Liyue. She is a rich businesswoman who is smart and uses her own network to ensure the safety of her citizens. All she cares about is money, and with the way her outfit looks, you can definitely tell! Ningguang has a beautiful design, so she’s a more difficult but wonderful cosplay option.

What you’ll need to cosplay Ningguang:

  • Wig – This wig is fairly simple to construct. You will need to create a faux bun at the back. If you can get wefts in the same colour that would be ideal. Otherwise, you can re-weft two wigs together to create a thicker wig. The bun at the back of her head can be faked by making a hollow base out of a lightweight tulle. Glue or sew wig fibres in one direction to cover up any spots with tulle showing and then clipped onto the hair. The red weft at the front of her hair can easily be added in with either wig glue or with some thread and a needle.
  • Dress – Ningguang wears a very basic sleeveless chinese qipao with two slits instead of one. This means that the fabric you choose will be a non-stretchy thick silk brocade. If you are using expensive fabric, it might make sense to draft a pattern out of muslin or a bedsheet first to ensure that it fits you and you have enough wiggle room to breathe and move around. You can also control the height of the slit to ensure it flatters your body type.
  • Tights – While underwear is optional when wearing qipao, you may want to err on the side of caution with cosplay. Wear a pair of nude tights and mark where you want the large diamond shapes to be with a fabric marker. Find a piece of two-way stretch fabric (such as another pair of tights or a thin spandex or polyester) and pin on the tights where you want the diamond shapes to sit. Take off the tights and sew them down. Don’t forget to serge or hem the edges of the diamonds to keep the clean and sharp.
  • Accessories – Ningguang has some very intricate gloves and a weird arm cape. For the gloves, find a pair of stretchy black long opera gloves. You can add the gold cuff and detailing with faux leather. Use 2mm foam or paper to make the long claws and attach them directly to your gloves with some velcro on the finger parts. For the dangly cape part, ensure you add wires or some kind of interfacing to make it thicker and ensure sure it doesn’t fold over on itself. To make Ningguang’s pipe, you can use what you have at home to build the base. For example, use a chopstick or a wooden dowel to make the length of the pipe, and then sculpt the opening of the pipe with something mouldable such as clay.

16. Kazuha (The Poet)

The birdsong at daybreak is nature’s gift to us. Let us go. Our journey begins anew.”~Kazuha. Cosplayer: direthunder. Photo taken by kanelung.

Kazuha is actually the first character from Inazuma that was revealed in 2021. He’s an interesting character with a talent for words, as he is quite the poet. I say that Kazuha is even more popular now, given how incredibly strong he is in the game. And he’s also very important in the story. So while Kazuha may not be your typical Husbando like Kaeya or Zhongli, he is still a popular character that many will recognize.

17. Tartaglia (Anti-hero Genshin Impact cosplay)

Tartaglia (Genshin Impact cosplay)
Unlike the other elite Fatui Harbingers, Tartaglia likes to be upfront and he loves a good fight. Cosplayer: alyzbethvierand.

Tartaglia (nickname Childe) is one of the Fatui Harbingers, a powerful and elite group in Genshin Impact. Although he’s an extremely violent and strong fighter, he is quite kind-hearted in other areas, such as caring for his little brother. That’s what makes Tartaglia so interesting; is he a good or bad guy? Only time will tell. But either way, he’s a Husbando that people love!

What you’ll need to cosplay Tartaglia:

  • Wig – To achieve the flippy gravity defying hair, you will need hairspray, scissors, and a lot of patience. Section out each clump of hair. Then tease and hairspray it until it stays in the spot you want it to.
  • Mask – You can either 3D print or make the mask out of Worbla. Paint and add small elastic to wear it. You can easily hide the elastic under the wig hairs.
  • Shirt – Childe doesn’t wear a shirt!
  • Blazer & Pants – If you can find a two piece blazer and pant suit set then you are in a good place. Find a slightly lighter grey for the front panel and pin it on top. To expose on side of your stomach, you may have to trim the bottom of the blazer to mimic this interesting fashion design choice.
  • Scarf – Find a flowy fabric such as cotton broadcloth or organza. Cut in a long strip of it and then pin it in place with a safety pin to the shoulders of the blazer. Make the charm with worbla and foam and pin that on the scarf and blazer as well.
  • Shoes – Dress shoes.

18. Yae Miko (Kitsune Waifu)

Yae Miko is a popular character in the game because of her sly personality! Cosplayer: meltyminx. If you want this wonderful outfit, click here to buy.

Yae Miko was introduced during the Inazuma arc of the story as the Head Maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine, as well as a close friend of Raiden Shogun. Since then, she’s been a popular character up to this day! Yae is a gorgeous-looking character based off the Kitsune. And her personality is so sassy and mysterious, you can’t help but be intrigued by her.

19. Ganyu (Cocogoat Waifu)

Waifu+Workaholic = Ganyu. Cosplayer: uchihagao333. Photo and background by 闪光. Assistance from 阿麦. Click here to buy Ganyu Cosplay Costume. 30% off!

The Cocogoat Waifu. Ganyu is also a half adepti, meaning she has superpowers…including being able to do several tasks at the same time. This makes her the perfect secretary for the Liyue Qixing. Ganyu’s outfit is awesome and she’s one of the most liked characters in the game, making her an awesome choice for Genshin Impact cosplay.

What you’ll need to cosplay Ganyu:

  • Blue wig – Bonus if you can get the ombre tips.
  • Black bodysuit – You’re in luck because there are a myriad of styles to choose from online and in thrift stores due to the whole bodysuit boom. Once you have the base piece, you can snip off the back to make it more accurate.
  • Black tights – Any pair will do but I recommend getting something with 300d or more for the opacity. Cut the details out of 5mm craft foam and paint to match your reference.
  • Horns – If you weren’t able to grab a pair during Halloween, you can easily DIY your own from tin foil and clay or cardboard. Mount it to a headband for easy placement and wear.
  • Sleeves and dress – Here’s where things get a little tricky. Grab a curtain (or another fabric that is a little thicker to prevent wrinkles) and some blue fabric paint. Cut out the correct amount you will need and paint on the details. Use a stencil to ensure your edges are sharp.
  • Cowbell – The dollar store is your best bet here. If you can’t find a bell you can try to make one out of craft foam. It won’t ring, but it will be much lighter around your neck.
  • Shoes – Any shoe store will have the nude pumps that you’re looking for.
  • Black Gloves – Chances are you or a friend might already have these lying around! If not, check the winter and gardening section at your local dollar store.

20. Keqing (Cat Ear Waifu)

Cosplayer: uchihagao333. Photo and background by 闪光. Assistance from 阿麦. Click here if you want to buy Keqing’s outfit!

Keqing (pronounced Ka-Ching $$$) is one of the members who watches over the Liyue region. Unlike her colleagues, she questions whether the structure is sustainable and thinks humans can run the show on their own. Keqing’s outfit is really nice and one of the easier ones to craft yourself, which is why I think so many have cosplayed her already!

What you’ll need to cosplay Keqing:

  • Wig – You may be able to purchase a Keqing wig with the ears pre-styled online. Amazon, Taobao, Aliexpress, Bhiner, and SuperBuy are all good options to take a look at.
  • Dress This dress is actually one of the simpler designs and very good as a beginner project. If you imagine her dress in 3 layers, you can easily construct it. Step 1: Start with a white dress as the base layer. Step 2: Add a light purple layer to the front only. And Step 3: Add a darker purple layer to the back side. For the feather, you can make it by constructing it out of 2mm EVA foam and painted to match. Make the sleeves separately and attach with elastic.
  • Tights – black, translucent tights are fine. You can actually draw the design under your tights with a white or cream coloured body paint. Remember to seal it prior to wearing the tights.

21. Traveler – Aether/Lumine (The Main Character)

There’s so much about the main character we don’t know about. It’s probably why they’re not too prominent in the cosplay world…yet. Cosplayer: nathanael_theangel.
Cosplayer: mayota13.

It’s interesting because while all the rare/5-star characters get all the attention in Genshin, we tend to forget about the main protagonist themselves! That’s probably because the Traveler (canon name in the game) isn’t as strong in the game yet. But as the story progresses, he/she will probably gain more power. Not many people have cosplayed Aether (Male traveler) or Lumine (Female traveler). So they would be a good Genshin Impact cosplay choice if you want to be unique and stand out!

What you’ll need to cosplay Aether (Male Traveler):

  • Wig – Aether’s hair has a lot of details which you can only achieve by paying attention to the details. You will need layering scissors and a good pair of barber scissors to cut each section. Try imagining the hair in clumps to make it more manageable- the front middle, side part, side, back etc. The end of his hair forms a braid. You can make this braid thicker by teasing the hair beforehand and using a flat iron to set the teasing before you braid.
  • Top – The easiest way to recreate his top is to find a fitted undershirt and crop to style. Add the embellishments by making them out of foam clay or 3D printing the extra parts if you can find access to one.
  • Pants– To make the wide-leg look, add more fabric. One thing to note is that you don’t need to make it wide-leg all the way down, as it may be hard to stuff it into the boot. You can find some ribbing (like the kind on your hoodies) and reuse that to make a cuff at the end of the leg.
  • Cape & Scarf – To make your cape hold up better, consider using wire or some kind of reinforcement layer in the middle, such as interfacing.
  • Sword – There are many different ways to make a sword but my favourite method by far is to make it out of a pvc pipe pressed down flat, with the edges sanded.

What you’ll need to cosplay Lumine (Female Traveler):

  • Wig – Lumine has an interesting hair style with most of her hair in a bob but you have two longer strands coming from the back, which gets tied in a low pony. Although you can purchase a Lumine wig for about $25, you can also style your own by layering the wig fibres until you have the desired look. However, be careful your wig is thick enough to be layered. Some longer wigs space the wefts further apart and might not be good for styling.
  • Dress – This dress consists of two parts – a longer white hi-low dress and a decorative frilled layer. You can add the gold details with embroidery, fabric painting, applique, vinyl, foam, or 3D printed charms. All of the construction methods are valid – just depends on your desired effect.
  • Socks – One hack for making asymmetrical socks stay on your leg is to sew them onto a pair of nude tights. This prevents the socks from slipping and ensures it will always sit at the right place. I have tried all the methods, sock glue, grips, and fashion tape. None of them work well enough to survive a convention. However, if you’re just looking to take a few photos, it should be fine.

22. Fischl (Prinzessin Der Verurteilung)

Fischl Cosplay
Mysteriously intriguing! Cosplayer: luckyelie3173.

If you watch a lot of Anime, you probably heard of a Chuunibyou. Well, Fischl is THE Chuunibyou in this game. She’s got the eyepatch, overexagerrated backstory, a mysterious Raven that follows her around, and of course she talks in very cryptic language. Fischl’s cool-looking outfit and unique personality makes her very popular in Genshin. With that said, her outfit in real life is very revealing, so do keep in that mind if you want to cosplay her.

What you’ll need to cosplay Fischl:

  • Wig – You can purchase a Fischl wig online. Look for something with two clip-on ponytails to save yourself the time of styling your own.
  • Bodysuit – This would be an expert-level project, so I do recommend purchasing a Fischl cosplay, as she is one of the more popular characters with a variety of different online shops already creating their own version of her. However, if you do decide to start from scratch, look for a lacy bodysuit to base the rest of the elements on. Add the colours layer by layer to decrease the chances of the bodysuit warping due to strain in certain areas.
  • Socks – Get a pair of see-through tights and then trim to the desired length. Add an elastic or purchase a garter online for about $10.
  • Gloves – Choose a mesh with two way stretch if you can. I would recommend looking at lingerie fabrics as there is a good selection of black laces.

23. Xiao (Moody Guardian Yaksha)

Conquering demons is what Xiao does. Cosplayer: wizardess_miseria.

Xiao is actually an “adeptibeast”, a demi god race of Liyue. He lost his friends and had to murder numerous enemies throughout his life, hence his pain and “emo” demeanor. Nonetheless, Xiao is still a Husbando to many Genshin players, so he’s a great cosplay choice. Bring a staff with you as he likes to plunge into his enemies!

What you’ll need to cosplay Xiao:

  • Wig – You can find a raven green/blue wig and add the highlights by sewing in wefts from another wig or find a clip-on extension. Use a small hair tie to create the ahoge (top hair piece that sways backwards).
  • Shirt – Find a fitted undershirt and add the collar piece to match.
  • Necklace – you can use plastic or wooden beads of various sizes to achieve this look.
  • Tattoo – this one might be a little bit hard to replicate. Try searching on Taobao or Aliexpress to see if any sellers have made a temporary tattoo in this design.  However, if you make a stencil, you can usually use an airbrush to spray paint the makeup on.
  • Pants – Find a pair of straight cut navy or black trousers. Add the belt detailing and belt separately. Use about ½ yard of pink fabric to create the front panel between his legs. You may need to fabric use fabric paint to add the extra designs on his hip cape. By mixing one part acrylic paint to one part fabric medium, you can create your own custom fabric paint. Remember to use a stencil or masking tape to keep the edges sharp.
  • Sleeve – create one side of a yukata or kimono sleeve and attach it to yourself with hidden elastic on the arm.
  • Shoes – Brown-on-Black combat boots would best fit this design. Unlaced would be more accurate but you can also lace them as well and then add a rectangle of foam on the top to mimic the design.

24. Albedo (The Chief Alchemist)

The master alchemist! Cosplayer: libracos. If you want to buy the outfit for Albedo, click here.

Poor Albedo. When he was first released in the game, most players wanted every other character in the banner…except for him. Since he’s not your typical Husbando and more of a smart alchemist, he doesn’t get much love, especially in the cosplay world. But if you want to be different, Albedo is definitely a unique choice!

What you’ll need to Albedo:

  • Wig – It might be a bit difficult to find a pre-styled Albedo wig, so you might have to style it yourself. Section the hair into a half pony, and then section them again to create the spikes. For each spike, trim to the desired length and spray in the direction you want it to sit.
  • Shirt – Start with a blue dress shirt and add three black ribbons to the front. Then, go back and add the diamonds.
  • Coat – Albedo’s coat is probably the most important part of this costume. I would pay special attention to the hood and belt design across the front. You can make a stencil out of plastic (such as with a plastic folder) to ensure that the painted designs have clean, crisp lines.
  • Pants – Any pair of black pants or jeans would be fine.

25. Amber (Best Girl Genshin Impact outfit ideas)

Amber may be the worst character in the game, but she’s one of the best Genshin Impact characters to cosplay! Cosplayer: luckyelie3173. Click here to buy Amber’s outfit.

One of the first characters you meet in the game, Amber is an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius (aka part of the Montstadt royalty). She is a master glider and specializes in using the bow! Although Paimon may be the true ambassador and mascot of Genshin Impact, I say Amber is also a poster girl for this game with her looks and cool-looking outfit. If anyone has played this game, they’ll definitely know who Amber is!

What you’ll need to cosplay Amber:

  • Red coat, headband, details – you can thrift a cotton or polyester hoodie and alter to fit your body. Cut the shape to be similar to Amber’s M-shaped bangs to get the best effect.
  • Brown wig – One of my favourite wig stores is Wig Supplier and you can find an Amber wig or just a generic brown wig.
  • Belt and gloves – Dollar store gardening section all the way.
  • Shirt – get a brown shirt and a white shirt and hack them together to make a brown and white shirt! Fabric paint the details.
  • Gold embroidery – You can get puffy paint from your local craft store to achieve a raised effect and use craft foam for the base.
  • Brown shorts – Thrift store is your best bet to find some class brown shorts. Look in the pants section too and you might be able to find a steal.
  • Thigh high boots – You need a cheap heel and some thigh-high socks. Cut a hole in the heel of a white thigh high sock and slip the heel though and you’ve got some DIY thigh high boots.
  • Goggles – Amazon has some dank aviator goggles!

26. Candace (Protector of Aaru Village)

Candace may be gentle, but she is a very strong fighter! Cosplayer: allielice_.

Another new character from the most-recent Sumeru region, Candace is from the desert in Aaru Village. With her spear and shield, she is the designated protector of the village, protecting everyone from anyone that harms them. Although she is a gentle soul and kind to most people, Candace will not hesitate to be strong and tough when needed.

When Candace was first announced and revealed, many Genshin players went crazy for her and why not? She looks beautiful and has an amazing outfit. What’s also unique about Candace is her eye colors are different; her left eye is yellow and her right eye is blue. So if you love wearing contact lenses for cosplay, you should definitely cosplay Candace to show them off!

27. Yun Jin (Opera Singer!)

Yun Jin is supposed to resemble a Chinese opera singer! Cosplayer: krisper_heine. If you want to buy Yun Jin’s cosplay, click here.

Yun Jin is one of the newest characters in the game. Her outfit is simply amazing, which is already good enough reason to cosplay her. But her lore is very interesting as well. Yun Jin is an opera singer and dancer from Liyue, who not only loves fine arts, but also secretly enjoys non-traditional as well. It’s a classic trope of a traditional character that is also into the modern stuff. If you want to wear a cute and beautiful dress, then consider cosplaying Yun Jin.

28. Klee (explosions!)

Klee cosplay
Klee is small but destructive! Cosplayer: luckyelie3173.

Klee is a little girl who has a huge knack for explosives. She is probably the most adorable character in all of Genshin. Her outfit is awesome and pretty easy to pull off. All you need is a red dress and hat, and a backpack.

What you’ll need to cosplay Klee:

  • Wig – Style Klee’s cute low ponytails by parting the hair in a criss-cross pattern to reduce the chances of seeing the wig wefts. You can fluff them a little by back-combing the wig fibres and then setting it with a flat iron.
  • Hat – Find a pattern online for a newsboy hat and then enlarge it by about 50% to account for how oversized it looks on Klee.
  • Dress – Imagine Klee’s dress in two different layers. The base layer is a white dress with a scalloped or lace hem line. The top layer looks like a coat with sleeves. Due to the pattern, I would make a very large circle skirt in red and add darts until it is the correct shape. Then, draw Klee’s coat pattern in tailor’s chalk first before trimming off the very unique silhouette. You will need to bind the raw edge with a dark red bias tape – maybe 1” folded in half.
  • Backpack – You can find a version of Klee’s backpack if you search for a Japanese school backpack. These backpacks are typically sold for children in elementary school and legitimate brands can cost $150+. However, if you are looking for a cosplay one, you can purchase one for about $60.
  • Shorts – Wear bloomers!
  • Shoes – Any brown boot of your choice.

29. Venti (Tone Deaf Bard)

Venti cosplay
Never interrupt a bard when he’s playing music. Cosplayer: ruruka0v0. If you want to buy the outfit for Venti, click here.

Even though Venti was one of the very first characters in the game, his popularity has remained to this day. Why? Cause he’s so unique! The Wind Archon is a wandering bard who specializes in musical talents and singing (and drinking). Who doesn’t love this adorable bard? And his outfit is quite marvellous!

What you’ll need to cosplay Venti:

  • Wig – You can find a Venti wig online or learn about how you can dye your own Venti wig on Arda Wigs Canada. The gradient in his hair makes for a fun project.
  • Hat – You can find a pattern for a beret online.
  • Shirt- While any white dress shirt would probably do the trick, you can elevate your Venti cosplay by adding the fabric buttons on his sleeves.
  • Corset – To make a fitted corset, it might make sense to use plastic boning to give it some structure. While spiral boning is better, is can sometimes be difficult to find and safely prepare to prevent yourself from injury. One quick fix for plastic boning is by using zip ties. They are easy to find and inexpensive.
  • Cape – A cape like this can get very heavy quickly. If you are a sucker for details, iron out your cape and add a wire to the ends to allow you to pose the cape for photos.
  • Pants – Venti’s pants might seem complicated but once you have the base the appliques can be attached easily. If you have the patience to do embroidery, then add the trims by hand with a doractive stitch.
  • Harp – Venti is known for his harp since he’s one of the poster boys of the game. You can make your own harp prop with Worbla (thermoplastic) and EVA foam.

30. Arataki Itto (Super Oni)

Itto is a fun reckless character that’s been added to the game! Cosplayer: katsukioz.

Everyone’s favorite Oni! If you’re looking to cosplay a fun and wild guy, then Arataki Itto is definitely a great choice! Itto is someone who loves to have a lot of fun, even at the expense of the commanders who take care of the Inazuma region, like Kojou Sara. And no, you don’t need to have ripped 6 packs to cosplay Itto. You just need his horns and his fun smile to dress up as him. If you want to cosplay that knucklehead Bro in a series, then Itto is definitely your guy!

Bonus Characters!!


Hilichurls are so adorable, so why do we beat them up all the time? Cosplayer: futaricosplay.

I needed to include an NPC in this list. Hilichurls are a common enemy you fight in Genshin. Even though they’re bad guys, many players love the Hilichurls for their personality. It won’t be as easy to dress up as a Hilichurl as you’ll need to make a special head mask. But you’ll definitely be the center of attention if you dress up as a Hilichurl, because everyone loves them!

Paimon (Emergency Food)

Paimon Cosplay
Paimon knows what’s best for you! Cosplayer: mingmihoo. Click here to buy Paimon’s outfit.

Paimon is everybody’s favourite Emergency Food *ahem* I mean sidekick! Paimon is the game’s mascot who is super adorable and not afraid to tell you what Paimon thinks of you. So if that’s what you’re into, then Paimon thinks you should cosplay as her! If you don’t mind being Emergency Food.

What you’ll need to cosplay Paimon:

  • Wig – Paimon’s wig can be easily styled with a straight iron and some backcombing. Grab your hairspray and work on each hair section one by one.
  • Bodysuit – The cosplayer in the photo did a very good interpretation of Paimon’s bodysuit by creating a bubble dress. The bubble dress is created with two layers of fabric with a tight elastic band on the end, which you fold under the dress, creating a bubble shape.
  • Crown – It might be difficult to make the crown “float” on top of your head but you can always use a think wire that can easily be Photoshopped out of the final photo.
  • Scarf – Think of Paimon’s scarf in three sections of a prop instead of a long rectangle of fabric. The first being the circle of fabric that is around her neck. The second is the shape of what is behind her. The third section is the little extra shapes that come off her neck.
  • Socks – Find an Opaque pair of tights (I recommend Hue) and cut the holes where you see them to match her design.
Furina! Cosplayer: rumi.92_. Photo taken by _neko_lord_.
Neuvilette! Cosplayer: padiko_cosplay.
Amber and Sucrose. This game is gonna be epic for the next little while. Hopefully you have lots of money to spare for those gacha boxes! Cosplayer: clover._.cosplays and sinnacosplay.


Here are the 30 best Genshin Impact cosplays you should try

  1. Shenhe (Exorcist Waifu)
  2. Furina (Fontaine’s most popular)
  3. Raiden Shogun (The Electro Archon)
  4. Neuvilette (Fontaine Husbando)
  5. Lisa (Waifu librarian)
  6. Ayaka (Inazuma Genshin Impact cosplay)
  7. Kojou Sara (Loyal servant)
  8. Nilou (Best dancer)
  9. Barbara (Idol Genshin Impact cosplay)
  10. Hu Tao (Boo Tao)
  11. Alhaitham (Sumeru Husbando)
  12. Xiangling (Famed Chef from Liyue)
  13. La Signora (Elite Agent)
  14. Rosaria (Edgy Nun)
  15. Ningguang (Geo Mommy)
  16. Kazuha (The Poet)
  17. Tartaglia (Anti-hero Genshin Impact cosplay)
  18. Yae Miko (Kitsune Waifu)
  19. Ganyu (Cocogoat Waifu)
  20. Keqing (Cat Ear Waifu)
  21. Traveler – Aether/Lumine (The Main Character)
  22. Fischl (Prinzessin Der Verurteilung)
  23. Xiao (Moody Guardian Yaksha)
  24. Albedo (The Chief Alchemist)
  25. Amber (Best Girl Genshin Impact outfit ideas)
  26. Candace (Protector of Aaru Village)
  27. Yun Jin (Opera Singer!)
  28. Klee (explosions)
  29. Venti (Tone Deaf Bard)
  30. Arataki Itto (Super Oni)

And there you have it: 30 best Genshin Impact cosplay ideas for you!

You can bet that the Genshin Impact cosplay is going to be insanely popular for the foreseeable future.

Like I said, not only will this series be great for self shoots, but it’s going to be amazing for group photoshoots… So in my opinion, any Genshin Impact outfit ideas you plan to do, will be a safe investment to put your cosplay in. Cause you’ll be wearing the costume very often. 🙂

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