How to cosplay with a beard!

I myself don’t have a beard but a lot of my cosplays do. And for the most part, it’s a blessing! It looks so cool and sometimes I wish I could grow a beard. But when it comes to cosplay, a beard can be a hindrance. How the heck are you are you supposed to cosplay with a beard? What if you want to cosplay a clean-shaven character but you yourself have a large beard?

Well, let’s find out!

In this post, I’ll give you 5 ways on how to cosplay with a beard. That way, you can cosplay whoever you want while maintaining your facial hair.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Cosplay characters with beards.

The easiest way to cosplay with a beard is simply finding characters that have beard themselves. It’s a lot easier to do and you don’t have to modify your beard at all.

Here are some cosplay ideas for characters that have beards:

  • Gragas from League of Legends
  • Kratos from God of War
  • Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings

2. Shave it off!

If you are cosplaying a character with no facial hair, then you might find it’s just easier to shave your beard off. I’m not saying to shave it of permanently; only during the convention weekend or whenever you plan a photoshoot with that cosplay.

As someone with facial hair myself, I recommend you wait until the day before to do your shaving. If you do it too early, then your beard (or facial hair in general) will grow back quickly, and you’ll have to shave it again. If you until 24 hours, you’ll have a clean-shaven face that looks far more accurate for the cosplay!

3. Hide the beard behind a mask.

Another option when it comes to cosplaying with a beard is hiding the beard behind a mask. There are many characters who wear masks, and they work perfectly if you’re a person with a beard. If you cosplay these characters, you don’t have to worry about shaving your beard, as the facial hair will be completely hidden away behind the mask!

Here are some masked characters you could cosplay as:

  • The Juggernaut from X-Men
  • Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • Master Chief from Halo
  • Spider-Man
  • Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

4. Do a custom version of a character.

Hey, who says you need to cosplay a character to 100% accuracy? If you want, you can always do a custom version of a character with a beard! If anything, you may look even better than the original character cosplay design!

Here are some characters that I think would look better with beards:

  • Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean
  • Nathan Drake from Uncharted
  • Jiraiya from Naruto
  • Cyclops from X-Men
  • Super Mario

5. OC Cosplay!

Last but not least, you can always do an Original Cosplay (OC for short). If you don’t know, original cosplay is when you make your own designs for a character that doesn’t really exist. You can take inspiration from other characters, and create your own type of cosplay. And of course, you can include your wonderful beard in the process. 🙂


To summarize, here are the 5 ways on how to cosplay with a beard:

  1. Cosplay characters with beards.
  2. Shave it off!
  3. Hide the beard behind a mask.
  4. Do a custom version of a character.
  5. OC Cosplay!

And there you have it; 5 different ways you can cosplay with a beard! I hope you found this post useful. Now get out there and cosplay with that glorious beard of yours!

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P.S. Which character do you plan on cosplaying? Let me know in the comments below!