Autumn has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. For many of us, that means con season is OVER.

But while you’re tempted to put the cosplays in the closet and forget about them until the following year, this is the BEST time to get ready for the next con season!

Here are some things you can do:

Start your new cosplay.

In general the more time you give yourself to create new cosplays, the better. If you have a few cosplays in mind, you’ll have plenty of time to complete them and not have to con crunch. And if something goes wrong, you’ll have time to fix it.

You’re also indirectly saving money by giving yourself more time to create new cosplays. I don’t know about you, but when you’ve procrastinated and put off your cosplay until the last minute, you’re probably paying Rush Fees to get materials in time. Or you’re finishing up your cosplays at the hotel while you’re at the con! You can avoid these things by planning ahead. The best time to start your new cosplays is during off-peak con season!

Work on that cosplay body during off con season so it’s ready during con season!

If you’re looking to get in shape for the next con season, starting now would be a great time! Don’t wait until January to make New Year’s Resolutions and join the gym when everyone else is. Start now! Assuming your next con will be next April or May, it’s better to have 8 months of time than only 4 months. While you can certainly lose a good amount of weight at a healthy rate in a few months, I’d say gaining a lot muscle within 4 months is a lot more difficult.

I’m personally using this time to a bit of bulking and cutting to get in better shape for next summer! You’ve spent all summer keeping your weight down. With winter approaching you can bulk up while no one is noticing to gain a few extra pounds of muscle. Then start cutting when spring is approaching and you’ll be ready for the next summer!

Note that this all optional. You can wear whatever cosplay you want, regardless of your body size. But why not use cosplay as a great excuse to exercise, become more fit and healthy? 🙂

Earn more money during con off-peak season.

Since you don’t have to worry about attending conventions, you can spend those weekends making extra cash. Work a few extra shifts to earn more money for cosplay-related costs and conventions next year. I work full-time myself and I find it MUCH easier to work overtime/extra hours during the winter, when nothing is going on and it’s too cold to be outside. But during the summer when it’s warm and conventions happening every week, it’s really difficult to work overtime. It’s really hard to be stuck at work when you see your friends at con or on the beach during the summer. So make that extra cash when it’s -30C outside and have no reason to go out. You’ll be thankful when con season rolls around!

Fix up your current cosplays.

You’ve worn all your cosplays during the summer. Likely your costume has partially fallen apart. But you just didn’t have time to fix them during con season. Well now is a great time to either fix these broken parts or to upgrade them. Since you have lots of time and no deadlines (for now), you can take your sweet time to fix your cosplays. Just make sure you get them done before the new year!

Plan out the conventions you want to attend next when con season arrives again.

This is also optional. I talk about this more in detail in a previous post. You can wait until January to decide which cons you want to attend, but you can also start looking in advance right now! This relates to my point about making extra money during the off-peak season; because if you want to attend a bunch of conventions outside of your home town, then you better saving up and earning more money to do so! As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s better to save up now and have enough money for a future convention, than to forget about it and not have enough money for a con, and ultimately cannot attend.

In short, having a few extra months between now and Katsucon/MAGFest/Sakuracon/Anime North is a wonderful thing to take advantage of. So get a head start on these things so you’ll save yourself the hassle of con crunch, as well as saving money for giving yourself more time to get these things done.


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