TikTok username ideas for cosplay!

I get it; you want to start your own TikTok account and do really well on the platform. You see all those viral cosplayers online and you want to have as much fun and success as they do. But you log on and try to register and your first dilemma comes up; you have no idea what username you should for TikTok! Should you do something funny? Creative? Use your real name?

Don’t you worry, Senpai is here to help!

In this post, I’ll give you 11 TikTok username ideas for cosplay that you’ll absolutely love. You’ll find at least one of these ideas will suit you and your personality very well.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Something cute or funny

She may be a Pop Star in cosplay, but she’s just a banana at heart! Cosplayer: Banannaphan.cosplay.

TikTok is an app where you don’t need to be serious. You can be cute, funny, weird, etc. So your username should definitely reflect that playfulness!

Here are some usernames of existing cosplayers that are kind of cute or funny (in my opinion):

  • Incursio Cosplay
  • I like Juice Boxes
  • Coffee Bear Cosplay

So go ahead, don’t be afraid to make a silly Tiktok username for cosplay!

2. A wordplay on your real name

I can definitely vouch for this one! As you may know, my name is Roger Senpai on this blog. And I got that name from using my first name (Roger) and combining it with Senpai. It was actually one of my friends that came up with the name. It sounded great and fit well, given that I hosted a lot of cosplay events. And the rest is history. 🙂

You can do the same and make a Tiktok username for cosplay by doing some wordplay on your real name.

Here are some examples I’ve seen:

  • Elle cosplay
  • Wonder Chelle
  • Jo Fate
  • Vickybunnyangel
  • Kamisalisa

So if you mess around with your real name, you’re bound to find a Tiktok username that will go well!

3. Something based off a unique feature you have

Her username fits with her cosplay personality! Cosplayer: Tutu_the_bunbun.

Is there something unique or special about you? C’mon now, don’t sell yourself short! You can always think of something different about you. And with that special feature, you can name yourself off of that.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your heritage or background
  • Your zodiac sign or animal
  • Physical traits you have (your hair color, eye color, tall or short)
  • Whatever you’re good at
  • Your lifestyle

Some examples of naming yourself after a special trait you have:

  • Chibi Usagi
  • Tutu the Bunbun
  • Travel With Me
  • Resident Ginger
  • Sailor Blondie

See how fun it can be to do this? Let’s keep going!

4. Naming yourself after your favorite Anime/video game/comic

She’s a huge Zelda fan, hence her name zeldamomoe.

Another way you can come up with a cosplay name for TikTok is by referencing your favorite series of all time. That could be a video game, Anime, comic, movie, etc.

To be honest though, I don’t recommend naming yourself using this method. It could pigeon-hole you into a stereotype that you may not want to fit in. For example, if you named yourself something like Genshin4Lyfe, then everyone who views your TikTok profile may believe you only do Genshin Impact cosplay videos. So it could backfire on you!

With that said, if you truly love a series so much, don’t be afraid to express that love through your username. You can still do other types of cosplay. My friend zeldamomoe is a hardcore Zelda fan, but she does way more than just Zelda cosplays. So it’s definitely doable!

Here are some other examples of names based on a fandom you enjoy:

5. Something Japanese

Listen, chances are you are a Weeb and you’re totally into Japanese culture. That’s okay, you should totally embrace it! And you can do so by making your TikTok username based on something Japanese-related.

Some examples I’ve seen:

  • Karly-san
  • Sanuki Sany
  • Ruru cosplay
  • Reriyume
  • Yukiko Cosplay

So go ahead and put something Japanese-related in your name. You could even put words in Japanese as well!

6. Sooo Kawaii-Desu!

Nessa Cosplay
Her cosplay name is hoshiidesu! Photo by chico.del.cuenco.

Similar along the lines of the previous idea, you can go even further into Weeb territory and name yourself after something Kawaii. I’ve certainly see a lot of my cosplayer friends do so, and it works really well. Here are a few to give you some ideas:

  • Hoshi Desu
  • Spaghetti-Kun
  • Mii Chan
  • Ponpon
  • Kawaii Kitten

7. A reference to something cool

If you’re like me and enjoy being witty, then you’d love to make references to something and look cool doing it. Whether it’s a TV show, Anime, or video game, then you can make a reference that only people who have watched, would know!

Here are a few examples from my friend’s list:

  • Super Sailor Junko (reference to Sailor Moon)
  • Reach for the Skywalker (Star Wars)
  • Pikaboo (Pokemon)
  • Brieowth (Pokemon aka Meowth)
  • Kobaebeefboo (who doesn’t love Kobe beef?)

So if there’s a really cool line from a show or video game that you like, then go ahead and use that as part of your cosplay name. Again, just like the “favorite thing in your username” idea, there’s a chance that people will pigeon hole you into only being that part of the fandom. But if you love it enough, then just go for it!

8. Something that rhymes

Cookienookie! Cosplayers: cookienookie and amxya.rm. Photo taken by thomasdatrain.

Again, this is going back to being witty or smart. Everyone loves things that rhyme together. If you can think of a cosplay username that rhymes well, it’ll catch on with a lot of people. Not only that, it’ll be easier for others to remember your name. Here are some examples of cosplay usernames that rhyme:

  • Jess is a Mess
  • Cookienookie
  • Paradoxiefoxiecosplay
  • Milkyminty
  • Peachieteas

9. Using your old username from when you were a kid

This may not apply to you if you weren’t around during the dial-up days. But I’m sure you may have had an old username when you first started using the Internet. I know I certainly did! If you want to remain true to yourself and honor your “legacy,” you can use that name for your cosplay TikTok account! Who knows? Maybe it’ll really resonate with your audience and followers.

Some examples of names I’ve used and others I’ve known:

  • Perfect Agent Senpai. Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 was one of my favorite games as a kid, and being a Perfect Agent is one of the achievements in the game. Although if I bring up that username now, no one would know what I’m talking about. But back then, everyone knew it was from Perfect Dark. Maybe I should bring it back one day!

Side note: I’ve also had a username back then that was pretty much a profanity word in another language. For obvious reasons, I cannot share it here. 🙂

10. Using your real name

Ah yes. So if you ever plan on becoming a public figure or professional cosplayer in the future, then you’ll probably want to consider using your real name for a cosplay TikTok! I know a couple of professional figures who use their real name for business reasons, and it certainly helps them on the business side of things. However, if you care about security and want to keep your personal information more confidential, or if you’re just doing this for fun, then I don’t recommend using your real name.

Here are a few cosplayers that use their real name:

  1. Alodia Gosiengfiao
  2. Ginny Di
  3. Jessica Nigri
  4. Leon Chiro (I think that’s his real name?)
  5. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

11. The same username you use for other social media!

I use the same name for most of my socials. 🙂

This may not seem as obvious, but you can always use the same username that you have on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter! There are some advantages to keeping the same consistent username. As someone who relies on Google searches for traffic, having the same username across a bunch of platforms makes things easier for Google.

For instance, I use my name “Roger Senpai” on this website and a bunch of other social media such as YouTube and Instagram. Because of this, Google can easily recognize it’s me that’s running all those accounts. It certainly helps to strengthen your brand name if you keep the consistentsy. So if you really want to get your name out there, make sure you use the same username on all social media, including TikTok!


To summarize, here are the 11 TikTok username ideas for cosplay that you’ll absolutely love:

  1. Something cute or funny
  2. A wordplay on your real name
  3. Something based off a unique feature you have
  4. Naming yourself after your favorite Anime/video game/comic
  5. Something Japanese
  6. Sooo Kawaii-Desu!
  7. A reference to something cool
  8. Something that rhymes
  9. Using your old username from when you were a kid
  10. Using your real name
  11. The same username you use for other social media!

And there you have it; 11 TikTok username ideas for cosplay to think about. I hope you enjoyed this post and have found the perfect username for your TikTok account.

I’d love to hear what your username is! Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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