Are you tired of posting selfies on your Instagram? Do you want to look like how the professional cosplayers do? Or do you want to try a pose from a show or video game? Then it’s time to hire cosplay photographers!

Here’s why cosplay photographers are awesome: from the newbie cosplayer who is just starting out, to the top professional cosplayers out there, everyone needs a cosplay photographer at some point in order to show how amazing their costume is. In short: selfies are good, but cosplay photographers are even better!

Even if cosplays are expensive, here are some 3 great reasons why you should hire a cosplay photographer:

1. Cosplay photographers know what they’re doing…a lot more than you do!

The field of photography is a fairly complex subject. Most cosplay photographers have the experience to know proper photo techniques, what kind of poses to do, the right type of frame, light settings, etc. A lot of us in the community browse beautiful cosplay photos every day, yet we take for granted WHY these photos are great. A good cosplay photographer knows why, and how to apply these principles during photoshoots.

They’re better than just giving your friend a DSLR and taking random pics of you: trust me, it’s not the same thing. Your best friend may totally be unaware of photography techniques. Maybe they’re taking pictures of you in the shadow. Or not isolating you from other things in the background. Or don’t know how to use a DSLR, other than flipping the camera on “Auto” mode. :))

2. They know how to make YOU look good in a photo.

Not all of us are photogenic or have the experience that models do. In fact, most of us when we start are bad at posing for photos! But good cosplay photographers know how to work with your weaknesses and make you look great in spite of these difficulties. I definitely know because I’m not the most photogenic person. I have relatively small eyes and a kind of a flat face, which initially makes me look terrible in a photo. However, one photographer I worked with was aware of these things. And with a combination of lighting, posing and techniques to remove these weaknesses, he made me look amazing in his photos! That’s the power of a good cosplay photographer.


3. You are actually saving time AND money when you hire a cosplay photographer!

Think about it. Taking great photos is not something you want to struggle doing on your own or teach your acquaintance to. Not only that, editing photos take a HUGE amount of time and work to accomplish. I know for me, when I edit the photos I take of myself, it could take hours to get the right edits done. Why not save hours of time and frustration by hiring a cosplay photographer? They take the photos for you, and they edit them for you! It’s like changing the oil for your car. You could do it yourself, but it takes a lot longer and you could screw it up. Or you could just pay someone the $20 to change the oil in their shop and it takes at most 15-20 minutes.

There you have it – 3 short but important reasons why cosplay photographers are important to the cosplay community. Are all cosplay photographers perfect? Of course not. And while cosplay photographers can do great things, you as the model/cosplayer have to put in the work to make the photos turn out great as well (e.g. proper posing). That being said, from the newbie cosplayer who is just starting out, to the top professional cosplayers out there, everyone needs a cosplay photographer at some point in order to show amazing their costume is.

In short: Selfies are good, but cosplay photographers are even better!

If you want to learn how to have a great photoshoot with a cosplayer, check out my beginner guide for cosplayers!

Why Cosplay Photographers are Awesome
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