With over a decade experience in being in the cosplay, as well as having experience in journalism, writing, hosting social events (both cosplay related and non-cosplay related) and in general living the best life possible, I’ve been helping a LOT of people throughout my career.

Whether it’s a topic you’d want more knowledge about, or practical advice about cosplay, Senpai is here to help!

I offer many services that can help you with your journey.

All prices are in USD.

Article Requests

I regularly post content that helps my readers. But if there’s specific topic you’d like me to write about (cosplay or general advice), I’m here to help.

Email me at Roger at Rogersenpai dot com and let me know what topic you’d want me to discuss and write about. If I approve, you can go ahead and send me a payment and I’ll get researching and writing immediately.

Medium-length article (1000-2000 words): $50

Long-length article (over 2000 words: $100

Sponsored Posts

If you’d like me to write about your sponsored product, you can email me and we can discuss whether your product is a good fit for the website. Generally speaking, it must be related to cosplay, Anime or video games.

Here are the rates:

Relevant sponsored post provided by you (guest post): $50

Relevant sponsored post created by me: $100

(Note: Sponsored posts are about giving my readers something valuable to them, not an opportunity to use my website as a backlink to yours. Build your Domain Authority elsewhere!)

Cosplay Costume Reviews

As a cosplayer myself, I love to try new costumes! If you’re a cosplay store that wants me to review your costume on my website, I’d be more than happy to do so for free. When I do, I will give details such as:

  • The materials and quality
  • How it fits
  • How it looks
  • Comparison to other websites
  • A brief summary of your product and services for my readers to learn

Of course, I will give my honest opinion when I review a costume (this can be positive or negative, or both). I’m always transparent to my readers.

If you want me to review your costumes, Email me at Roger at Rogersenpai dot com and we’ll work things out.


I get bombarded with many questions all the time, and one day I might decide to write an ebook to answer them all for you. But now, if you need individual and specific consultation from me, I am here to help. Whether you’re new to the cosplay community and want to know how to get started. Or you’ve been in the cosplay community for a while and want to know how to fix a specific problem you have, I can help you solve it.

I will sit down and chat with whatever issues you have and give you my expert advice on what to do. We can do so over Skype or Zoom.

Example consultation topics:

  • How to run a cosplay event (e.g. getting people to show up to your events, setting up, acquiring permits for parks, finding venues, what to do, what not to do, etc)
  • How to decide on your first or next cosplay
  • How to save a ton of money on cosplay
  • Finding the right cosplay character for you
  • How to prepare to a cosplay convention outside of your city or state
  • How to enjoy a convention alone or with friends
  • How to make friends in the cosplay community
  • How to be more attractive to people in the community
  • How to stay healthy physically and mentally
  • How to be more social as an introvert (I am one myself, so I would know :))

Consultation rates:

(each consultation is 30 minutes long)

1 consultation: $100

5 consultations: $400

10 consultations: $700

If you’re interested, send me an email at roger at rogersenpai dot com.