Genderbend cosplay ideas!

For a lot of newbie cosplayers such as perhaps yourself, you might wonder. Can a girl cosplay as a boy? Can a boy cosplay as a girl? Or if you’re genderfluid, you wonder if you’re not restricted in who you can cosplay. The answer to all of these questions is definitely a yes!

In this post, we will go through 10 popular genderbend cosplay ideas that you should try, no matter which gender you identify as. To be clear, any character can be cosplayed by anyone, no matter what gender you are. But these characters below are definitely the more popular choices, for various reasons.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Venti

Venti cosplay
The drunken bard is a great cosplay for all genders. Cosplayer: ruruka0v0.

Venti has to be one of the more popular Genshin Impact outfit ideas? Why? Cause he’s so unique! The Wind Archon is a wandering bard who specializes in musical talents and singing (and drinking). Since Venti fits the cute Shota stereotype and flamboyant, he’s quite the popular cosplay choice for all genders. His outfit is quite marvellous!

2. Super Mario

Cosplayer: catnipcosplays. Photo by greycartridge.

Super Mario is known to be the guy that saves Princess Peach from Bowser. Or the brother to Luigi. But that shouldn’t stop from you cosplaying Mario if you’re not a male. Mario is a great cosplay choice for all genders because he is so legendary and well-known.

3. Kaeya

Kaeya (Genshin Impact cosplay)
The marvelous Kaeya Alberich. Cosplayer: nozzomi_cosplay.

Much like Lisa, Kaeya is a charming dude who uses his wits to trick people. Kaeya is a Genshin Impact sexy cosplay.  I feel like his sexiness, along with long blue hair is the reason why so many cosplayers have cosplayed from him, from a variety of genders. He really is a great choice.

4. Byleth

Byleth Cosplay by Rubyfia
Just like recent Fire Emblem main characters, Byleth has a male or female version. You get to decide in the beginning of the game. This one is the female version!
Cosplayer: Rubyfia. Photo taken by MrJechgo.

Byleth is definitely the first character to mind when it comes to Fire Emblem Three Houses cosplay. Although Byleth is a semi-silent protagonist, they do have a bit of personality. Byleth ends up becoming a teacher for the students in the Monastery. Professor Byleth is someone that your students look up to, whether they’re on the battlefield or in casual support conversations in the game. Because you can choose to be Male or Female Byleth, they are perfect for a genderbend cosplay ideas. No matter what gender you identify as, Byleth is an awesome cosplay choice for everyone.

5. Diluc

Diluc (Genshin Impact cosplay)
He might not seem to care about things, but he actually does. Cosplayer: wizardess_miseria.

Diluc is quite the nobleman of Mondstadt. While he takes pride in his appearance, on the battlefield he is just as fierce as his cold personality. I consider Diluc a tsundere, so if you’re looking for a “Sasuke” type of Genshin Impact cosplay, then Diluc’s your guy! That’s why he’s so popular as a cosplay choice for all genders.

6. Tom Nook

By far the most important character in all of Animal Crossing, Tom Nook is a legendary character in the series. He’s the one that sells you materials for your house, gets you rich off the turnips and even gives you real estate advice. You’ll either learn to love or hate this tanuki. But because he’s so prominent in the game, why not cosplay the character that made Animal Crossing famous?

7. Xiao

Conquering demons is what Xiao does. Cosplayer: wizardess_miseria.

Xiao is actually an “adeptibeast”, a demi god race of Liyue. He lost his friends and had to murder numerous enemies throughout his life, hence his pain and “emo” demeanor. Nonetheless, Xiao is still a Husbando to many Genshin players, so he’s a great cosplay choice. Bring a staff with you as he likes to plunge into his enemies!

8. Mr. Resetti

Back in the day, you’d get a lecture from Mr. Resetti for turning off the game without saving! Thank goodness for auto-save these days. Cosplayer: shandelions.

Ah yes! Who can forget Mr. Resetti, the angry mole that yells at you for not saving your game properly? Sadly he’s been relegated to another department since New Horizons has auto-save now. But Mr. Resetti is a still a good choice for a humorous Animal Crossing cosplay ideas! As shown by (cosplayer), it doesn’t matter what gender you are. You can look great as Mr. Resetti.

9. Ciel

Chibi Usagi
Cosplayer: chibiusagimx.

You know, sometimes I forget that Ciel from Black Butler is a boy! Because his appearance and mannerism is definitely more feminine. Not to mention that he’s famous for wearing that beautiful pink wedding dress in one of the episodes. All this genderfluid stuff with Ciel makes him the perfect candidate for a genderbend cosplay ideas.

10. Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk cosplay
Cosplayer: myboo_cosplay.

Ah Cyberpunk! If you’re into video games, then you’ve definitely have heard about Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a game that was hugely hyped before its release. After all, it was being created by the same developers who made The Witcher 3, another amazing game. Cyberpunk 2077 has seen its ups and downs.

But with the game’s glitches being fixed and a recent Anime adaption (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners), the game has seen a surge in popularity again. So what better time to cosplay Cyberpunk than now?!


And there you have it; 10 popular genderbend cosplay ideas for you!

Which character are you planning to do? Let me know in the comments!