DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor and this post is not medical advice. I’m just a guy writing a cosplay blog and these are just my experiences. Definitely see a doctor if you’re not feeling well.

Post-con depression!

If you’ve been to an Anime convention and ever felt really sad after the event was over, then you probably have felt post-con depression. You’re not the only one; I myself have felt the sadness of when a convention has to end.

And if you haven’t got the chance to experience an Anime con, then you may end up experiencing this phenomenon at some point. It’s not too unusual and it’s been documented for a while now.

What is post-con depression and what can you do about it? That’s what I’ll be discussing today!

In this post, I’ll go over what post-con depression is and why we go through it. I’ll go over my experiences with it and what advice you can do to make it less complicated for you the next time it happens to you. Again, this isn’t medical advice or anything; I’m just here to share my story regarding post-con depression and what it’s like.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is post-con depression?

Post-con depression is that crappy feeling you get when the convention is about to end. It can start as early as the Sunday of the con, when you realize that this wonderful weekend is soon to be over. Or it can hit you a lot later, when you’re finally at home and you’ve unpacked all your stuff from the convention.

You’ll know that you got the post-con depression when you have a feeling of sadness when the convention is over and you’re yearning for more. You’re not alone in feeling this; a lot of people get the post-con depression blues after a convention is over.

What does post-con depression feel like?

It can feel pretty sad when the convention is over!

At least for me when it comes to post-con depression, some of the feelings I had included:

  • Not wanting to go back to school or work the next day
  • Feeling like the only thing you can focus on is the great convention experiences you had this weekend
  • Figuring out how to replicate the wonderful times you had at the con

You can’t help but feel sad, especially when you realize the convention is over. For me, it can hit really hard when you see the convention empty and everyone leaving the area. It feels like a hard goodbye to something that brought you so much joy that past weekend!

How long does post-con depression last?

Although the word post-con depression has been around for a long time, I feel like the word “depression” in this context is a misnomer. When we think of depression, we think of something long-term. And while post-con depression can last a few days, I have never experienced that feeling lasting for a long time. In fact, my post-con “depression” usually goes away after a week. Once you start going back to your routine, whether that’s going to school, going to work, or hanging out with your regular circle of friends or family, then the feeling for me goes away.

I think a more accurate term would be post-con sadness. Because in my experience, it’s not something that affects you for a long time. I feel sad that the con is over, but I quickly get over it.

How do I deal with post-con depression?

This is just my personal opinion. Don’t try to avoid post-con depression; let the feeling happen and it will pass. Continue on with your life. Get back to work as soon as you have to. If you have school, don’t skip it and attend your classes (fortunately, many conventions happen in the summer, so you don’t have to worry about school). In other words, don’t let post-con depression feel like something is wrong with you; you’re not the only one who goes through it. Just continue with your regular routine after the convention is over.

Also, the good times you had at the convention don’t have to end when the convention ends! Make sure you keep in touch with the new people you met (click here on how to meet new cosplay friends at a convention). Not only can you discuss and share the experiences you had, but you can also perhaps plan some future conventions together with each other.

Save all the photos and videos you took of the con, so you have long lasting memories of your convention weekend. Whenever I have an awesome convention, I love to look at all the photos that were taken. Not just mine but of others as well. And start planning your future cosplays and trips so you can experience more conventions! That way, you don’t have to experience only one convention a year, you can go to multiple conventions.


Post-con depression can suck, but to me it’s not something you have to worry about much. That sad feeling is only temporary and it will usually pass with time. I guess you could say it’s the price we pay for having such awesome times and experiences at conventions. I have experienced post-con depression so many times and while I say it does get easier as you get more experience with conventions, you can never truly completely shake that sad feeling when the con is over.

You always want more, but unfortunately, there are only 3 days to fully enjoy the con. That’s okay though, it’s why I make blogs like these. To help you all get the most of what you can at a convention and to fully enjoy one, over and over again.

What do you think of post-con depression? Have you experienced it? I would love to hear your thoughts about post-con depression. Let me know in the comments below!