How to fix a cosplay wig!

Cosplay wigs are a wonderful thing. They are a key ingredient in making our cosplays look wonderful and marvelous. And there are many different wig styling’s to choose between, from it’s a short-haired wig or a super long one.

But there are times when your cosplay wig falls apart! While you could replace the wig and buy a new one, sometimes that may not be an option. Whether you’re close to the convention date or just need to save money, you can instead fix your cosplay wigs. How do you do so? That’s what we will be talking about today.

In this post, I’ll go over 5 methods on how to fix a cosplay wig. These are the most common wig malfunction issues that can be resolved and reused. You’ll be saving a lot of money this way, without needing to buy a new wig.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Cosplay wig problem #1 – wig is tangled

wig tools
Things like Mane ‘n Tail Detangler: The Tangles and Knots Solution work wonders for fixing wigs that are tangled!

Over time, you’ll experience parts of your wig getting tangled and mangled! This is especially true if you got a very long wig because they are more likely to get tangled up together. Tangled wigs are pretty annoying; not only does it look bad but it makes the wig very difficult to style.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to fix a tangled cosplay wig. There are quite a few liquid products catered to tangled hair.

Detangling wigs gets VERY tricky. But you can use Mane ‘n Tail Detangler: The Tangles and Knots Solution. This was originally created for horse shows to detangle horse hair and has since become the go to product for wig AND natural hair detangling.

You can also use a handheld travel steamer to steam the plastic and carefully detangle stuck strands.

Once you apply the solution or use a steamer, your previously tangled wig should be okay now!

Cosplay wig problem #2 – broken wig fibers (e.g. loose fibers, Frayed edge)

Broken wig fibers can be really annoying; they can make your cosplay wig look really ugly! Those ugly strands will make you stand out in photos, but not in a good way! So we’ll want to get rid or fix those fibers.

If you want to fix broken wig strands, then you can just easily cut them off with some scissors. You do want to be careful however. If you cut too much of the strand, the wig will look uneven and disproportionate. So pick and choose which strands to cut, and which ones to leave alone.

However, if there are a lot of loose fibers, frayed edges or broken wig strands, then I would suggest just buying a new one instead. It might cost more to get a new one, but if you have to fix a bunch of strands, then you’ll be saving a lot more in time and headaches with just getting a new one!

Cosplay wig problem #3 – Bald spots

Oh boy. If you have bald spots on your cosplay wig, then it can make your overall cosplay appearance look REALLY bad! Fixing a bald spot can be tricky. You can use hair extensions and use glue to cover the bald spot. However, finding hair extensions with a similar color or shade may be difficult. Either that, or you’ll have to try cutting a piece of your current wig and gluing it onto the bald area. In either case, be sure not to use too much glue; you want to make it look like it’s part of the wig, even if it was really a bald spot.

Cosplay wig problem #4 – Dirty wig

Whether you’ve been wearing your cosplay wig for several reasons or leaving it at home for a long time, you’ll probably end up having a dirty or dusty cosplay wig at some point. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to wash and clean a cosplay wig! I wrote a complete guide on how to restore a cosplay wig (click here to read).

But in short, all you need to wash and clean a cosplay wig:

  • A basin to wash and rinse the wig
  • Water
  • Shampoo (a very very very small amount)
  • A rack to dry your wig after (i.e. do NOT blow dry your wig!)

Synthetic AND natural wigs are prone to get dirty. Sweat and other atmospheric factors break down the fibers in all wigs. I recommend a water free cleaning solution such as On Organic Natural Water Free Cleanser for Wigs and Weaves – Synthetic & Natural Hair. This solution is easy to use, dries quickly and makes little to no mess.

For wigs that need a stronger cleaning solution do the following: mix 1 part Fabric Softener to 2 Parts Water in a basin and allow the wig to soak for 1 hour; then rinse the wig and allow it to dry for 24 hours while hanging from a hook and/or over the top of a shower rod/wash basin.

Cosplay wig problem #5 – Styling ruined

I would have lots of experience with this! There have been times where I’ve traveled to an international convention (such as MCM London Comic Con) and the cosplay wig styling got ruined along the way. Partially my fault though; back then I just threw it in my bag and didn’t protect it from the tossing and turning while in transit.

If your cosplay wig has already been cut and styled, then all you really need to do is wash and rinse your cosplay wig again, and it’ll look good as new! This is especially true for shorter wigs, where you don’t need to use any gel or wax.

If you have a more complicated wig that needs styling, then I highly recommend Got2Be. Their products have really strong holds and you can style your wig back the way it was with Got2Be.


Marth cosplay
A perfectly good wig! Photo by ooc_photography.

And there you have it; 5 ways on how to a fix a cosplay wig. I hope you found this post useful!

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Sometimes it just may be better to buy a new cosplay wig. But other cases, you can implement fixes like these to save some money! Which of these techniques will you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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