RoleCosplay review!

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I have cosplayed Kaeya Alberich from Genshin Impact. He is definitely one of my favorite characters I have ever cosplayed! So I’m going to do a post that I normally don’t do.

Today I am going to review my Kaeya cosplay costume from RoleCosplay and give you the details on the price, quality and what I liked/disliked about it. Overall, it was an awesome costume to wear and I’d highly recommend buying from RoleCosplay. Based on my experience, they sell quality cosplays at a great price.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Price

My pre-sale bid went through and I was able to buy the costume at 30% off!

Kaeya is one of my favorite characters in Genshin Impact, so it was only natural for me to cosplay as him. 🙂 He looks great and his outfit/design is wonderful.

I certainly had a lot of options when it came to buying a Kaeya cosplay; there were so many cosplay stores selling them online (for the best cosplay websites, click here). But I decided to go with RoleCosplay because they had a pre-sale going on at the time. Because they had the cheapest option, I went for RoleCosplay.

What’s a pre-sale offer, you ask? Well, it’s when a cosplay store gauges interest to see if they are enough buyers interested in mass-producing a costume for a character. In this case for me, it was Kaeya from Genshin Impact.

So what you do is deposit a few bucks to the cosplay store as a pre-order. For me, I paid $3.

If there aren’t enough pre-orders, then the store refunds your money back and they cancel making that costume.

But if there’s enough interest, then not only will the cosplay store go ahead and make that costume, you also get a nice discount for pre-ordering. So for me, I got 30% off because I was part of the pre-sale offer! Not a bad deal at all, definitely cheaper than the first time.

So while I do talk about cosplay hype and how popular characters at the moment costs more to buy, you can circumvent this by going with pre-orders.

For me, I wasn’t in a rush to buy a new Kaeya cosplay, so pre-ordering was no big deal. And my patience paid off by saving a good amount of money!

The good news was there was enough demand for Kaeya’s costume, so my pre-sale conveyed and I was able to buy the costume at a huge discount at 30% off. It was only around $95 USD, which is fairly cheap for a Genshin cosplay (many of them go for well over $140 USD).

Because I was able to buy Kaeya’s outfit at a really price, it’s why I give the price a high score.

Score: 4/5

2. Costume design

The costume design was awesome!

Given that Kaeya was the first Genshin cosplay I ever did, I was completely surprised how cool the costume design was! If you don’t know, Genshin outfits are always beautiful and Kaeya was no exception.

Some of the highlights of the costume:

  • It came in 2-3 layers of clothing. It wasn’t just one big piece; there are a lot of parts and accessories with this costume!
  • The top is a nice bright blue and white color. It has golden “flaps” around the upper arm area, which looks really cool. There are a lot of adjustable parts with this top, so you’ll have to be careful with it.
  • I absolutely love the gloves that came with the costume! The top part has nice embroidery on it, and it makes you look so fashionable overall. They’re really awesome.
  • Some of the accessories include a necklace and an intricate belt with the vision symbol. It’s not really a belt, but something you wrap around your waist and dangle the “vision” so everyone can see.
  • The only knock I have with the costume was the eye patch and pants. For whatever reason, the costume came with an oversized eye patch that was made of plastic, not cloth! It was too big and uncomfortable to wear, so I went to my local Halloween store instead to buy a different eye patch. The pants were okay; they were slightly big and didn’t include pockets with them. But to be fair, a lot of costumes don’t have pockets built into the pants, so I won’t be too picky about this.

Score: 4/5

3. Quality

When it comes to buying a costume from a popular series like Genshin, the quality can be hit or miss. A lot of them are mass-produced and use the same cheap materials sometimes, so you don’t have if they were made with quality or not. And since the Kaeya cosplay was new and had 0 reviews attached to it, I took my chance with it when I bought it.

With the Kaeya costume I bought from RoleCosplay, I am happy to say that the make of the quality is great! As mentioned earlier, you do need to be careful as there are lots of little parts with the top. But you can tell that the costume was made with good materials, nothing cheap.

4. Shipping

RoleCosplay is based in China, so I was expecting the costume to take a very long time to reach me in Canada. However, the costume got to me in a good amount of time. It took less than a month to arrive.

Score: 5/5

5. Size and fit

One of the biggest concerns when you order a costume online is if it’ll fit or not. We all know that Asian sizes fit differently compared to Western sizes. So I myself was worried that the Kaeya cosplay wouldn’t fit properly. I made absolute sure that the size was correct; before I bought my costume, I messaged RoleCosplay with my size and measurements to ensure I was buying the right size.

Fortunately, the costume fits really well on me! It wasn’t too loose or too tight, although the top can take some getting used to putting on. Not only does it fit well, it also looks like it fits well too (click here on how to improve your cosplay). I will say that the pants are a little loose-fitting, but it still works fine.

Basically, the costume fits really well and I have no issues with the size!

Score: 4/5

6. Overall

Overall, I’m really happy with the costume from RoleCosplay!

I definitely feel I got my money’s worth and then some with this Kaeya cosplay from RoleCosplay. I highly recommend buying from the store, as from my experience with this Kaeya cosplay, the quality is great, the price is more than reasonable and the service provided by RoleCosplay was wonderful. I will definitely buy again from them. 🙂

Final Score: 9/10

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