Miccostumes review!

It’s time for another review of a cosplay store and the costume I bought. This time, it will be my Byleth Fire Emblem: Three Houses cosplay from the well-known Miccostumes! To be honest, I haven’t posted much of my Byleth here on The Senpai Blog. So you’ll be getting some exclusive content here today!

In this edition of cosplay review, I am going to review my Byleth cosplay costume from Miccostumes and give you the details on the price, quality and what I like and didn’t like about it. Overall, I’d say the costume was great quality with only 1-2 drawbacks I had with it. But based on my Byleth cosplay, I had a good shopping experience with Miccostumes and would recommend them.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Price

For a costume like this, the price was great! Photo by ooc_photography.

Byleth is the main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. And since the game was only a year old when I bought the costume, the character was still relatively popular at the time. So with that in mind, I certainly had plenty of options. I could have gone for a custom-made costume on Etsy, which would have cost a lot more. There were some options on eBay and AliExpress but I wasn’t too sure about the quality (read more here about the cosplay websites).

Fortunately, I found a Byleth cosplay on Miccostumes at a reasonable price! Unlike my Kaeya cosplay (click here to read that review), there was no discount or pre-sale offer for Byleth this time. It was okay though; the price was around $125.77 CAD, which was more than reasonable for a Fire Emblem cosplay. As I mention in my cosplay cost article (click here to read), since Fire Emblem costumes are a bit more complex, they will be in the medium price range of $100-300. So for me to get this costume for $125, it’s not a bad deal at all!

Score: 4/5

2. Design

The gauntlets looked so good and fit so well! Photo by ooc_photography.

I always get excited about fire Emblem cosplays. Whether if you’ve played the games or seen the cosplays, you know the character designs for Fire Emblem are amazing.

So when I got my Byleth costume in the mail, I was excited to see how it would turn out. After I opened the package, I was certainly not disappointed! Some of the highlights:

The costume was very easy to put on. There were a lot of parts to this Byleth cosplay but it was all easy to put together. In fact, I had a photoshoot to attend and I had only like 5-10 minutes to put on the costume completely. I thought it wouldn’t be possible, but I was able to figure it out really quickly and I was ready to go for that photoshoot! So I have to say the costume is well-constructed and simple to wear.

The top is awesome. I just love how the black top looks on me! The patterning and embroidery is beautiful and the accessory that’s sewed on is just great. The cape design just makes the costume look epic altogether. The top is definitely the highlight of the costume.

The armored parts look wonderful. Although it’s definitely obvious that the armor isn’t anything fancy like Worbla, it still looks great. Whether it’s the armor on the arms or the kneepads, it looks awesome and compliments the costume really well.

The costume doesn’t come with pants. But that’s totally fine, as you can easily buy some black jeans or khakis to complement this Byleth costume. I’d honestly prefer it this way, because cosplay pants in general are usually garbage anyway!

Score: 5/5

3. Quality

You would think that a costume bought online and pre-made to order, the quality would be hit or miss. But not with this Byleth cosplay from Miccostumes!

My favorite part of the costume material is the leather-like top and cape! It feels high-quality and durable. It makes the costume overall look fancy. And as mentioned before, the armor looks shiny and beautiful, even if it’s not made of anything fancy. The cloth of the inner top feels flexible. It’s not the prettiest but it still looks great.

Score: 4/5

4. Shipping

Like many online cosplay stores, Miccostumes is based in China, so I was expecting the costume to take a very long time to reach me in Canada. However, from what I remember, the costume got to me relatively quickly. It took less than a month to arrive, which was fast!

Score: 5/5

5. Size and fit

One of the biggest concerns when you order a costume online is if it’ll fit or not. We all know that Asian sizes fit differently compared to Western sizes. So I myself was worried that the Kaeya cosplay wouldn’t fit properly. I made sure that the size was right.

Fortunately, the costume fits really well on me! When putting on the costume, it fits perfectly like a glove. The collar of the leather is a little tight, but it looks better that way. The cape is a good length; not too long or short. The armored pieces fit nicely and they’re easily to put on.

Basically, the costume fits really well and I have no issues with the size!

Score: 5/5

6. Miccostumes Review: Overall

I was very happy with the purchase! Photo by ooc_photography.

My Byleth cosplay from Miccostumes was a great purchase. For a little over $100 CAD, I was able to get an affordable Fire Emblem cosplay that was made with care and with good-quality materials. The costume was easy to wear and put on, and the design fit perfectly with the character.

One of the best things of buying a cosplay is paying for a costume and getting the store to basically do everything for you, which includes making the costume and ensuring that you can wear it properly. In this case, Miccostumes did exactly that with my Byleth cosplay. I will definitely buy again from them. 🙂

  • Fast shipping
  • Good quality materials
  • Fits perfectly
  • Decent price although it was only costume, have to supply my own stuff
  • Simple and efficient cosplay
  • Excellent purchase

Overall: 8.5/10

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