AliExpress cosplay review!

Here is another edition of a costume review that I bought from a cosplay store. This time, I will be reviewing my Zhongli Genshin Impact cosplay I got from AliExpress!

Now to be fair, AliExpress itself isn’t a cosplay store; in fact, they sell numerous items. I like to think of AliExpress as the Chinese version of eBay. But we have to agree that AliExpress is a huge website where cosplayers buy their costumes. So it’s why I’ve decided to create this post, simply because the website is influential for many cosplayers. In particular, the store I bought my costume from is from a merchant named Trends Cos.

In this next edition of cosplay review, I am going to review my Morax Zhongli cosplay costume from AliExpress and give you the details on the price, quality and what I like and didn’t like about it. Although everyone’s experience with AliExpress, my experience was very positive. The costume was beautiful and well-fitting with only a few things I didn’t like. But overall, I saved a lot of money and the purchase was well worth it!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Price

Still can’t believe I paid only $83.72 CAD for this costume!

For those who don’t know, Zhongli is one of the most popular characters from the well-known game, Genshin Impact (click here for Genshin cosplay ideas). I wanted to dress up as Zhongli, so I decided to shop around various cosplay stores online. But when I was browsing around AliExpress, I saw a really, really good deal and boy did I get lucky with the price!

During the time I was looking for his costume, there was an anniversary sale happening on AliExpress. Basically, the website was offering products at a huge discount, with some vendors offering up to 50% off. And lucky for me, the Trends Cos store was offering the Zhongli cosplay for half the price.

So yes, I was able to snag a Genshin Impact cosplay for only $83 CAD! That is a STEAL of a price! To put things in perspective, Genshin Impact cosplays are usually pretty expensive. While not as expensive as armored cosplay (click here to see how much cosplay cost), Genshin costumes are usually elaborate and very detailed, driving up the costs. On top of that, Genshin Impact is arguably the most popular franchise for cosplay right now, meaning that costumes will be full-price for a long time. You put those two together, and you got yourself Genshin cosplays that cost around $150-$200 easily.

So for me to get this Morax Zhongli cosplay for only $83 CAD, I saved a LOT of money!

Score: 5/5

2. Design

The design of the costume was wonderful, especially the hoodie.

Oh man, where do I start? I absolutely LOVE the design of the Morax Zhongli cosplay! The moment I opened the packaging for the costume, I was in disbelief how beautiful it was, especially the patterning of the outer laying.

Here are some of the details and highlights of the Morax Zhongli costume:

  • This is not the original costume. What I mean is that this costume I’m wearing isn’t the main outfit that my character Zhongli normally wears. This version is the clothing that he wears in the cut scenes and story lore. While his “real” outfit is cool, I preferred his “Morax” version…mainly because I wanted to wear his hoodie. Speaking of the hoodie…
  • The hoodie had a unique design. Zhongli has very long hair with a ponytail. What’s interesting is that his ponytail actually goes through the hood in the game. So the costume designers who posted this on AliExpress, they put a hole in the back of the hood for the hair to go through. At first I thought it would be difficult to do this. But the hole in the hoodie is pretty big, so it was easy to grab a piece of my ponytail wig and thread it through and let my wig hang. Good design!
  • Hoodie/gown is simply beautiful. I don’t know what you call it. The hoodie? The gown? Whatever you call that white piece of clothing l you wear over your body, it is simply beautiful! The patterning is just immaculate. It makes the entire costume look so much better!
  • Sleeves are awesome. Another great part of the costume is the patterning on the sleeves of the inner shirt. It makes the costume stand out even more. I like how it fits on me (more on this in the size section).
  • The belt fits awkwardly. Now we start with some of the negatives of this costume. The biggest one is how Morax Zhongli’s belt fits on me. At first I had no idea how the belt is supposed to stay on. I contacted Trends Cos to ask how you’re supposed to wear it, and they said there are buttons sewn into the costume, whereas the belt has holes to put the buttons on. Unfortunately, the buttons almost came off when I tried to put it in. So I improvised by threading 2 safety pins where the buttons were supposed to go. I made it work; the belt stayed on with the safety pins! But this shows the design for the belt isn’t the greatest.
  • The graphic didn’t feel sturdy. Part of the costume involves putting a couple of big pins onto the costume. It’s part of the Morax Zhongli cosplay look. But I personally didn’t like the design. For one, the pins aren’t too sturdy, so they could easily fall off or break apart. And when you pin them onto your costume, it feels like you’re damaging the gown. So it’s definitely not my favorite thing about the costume.
  • The pants were actually well-designed! If you’ve read my previous cosplay reviews (like my Kaeya cosplay review from RoleCosplay), you know how much I don’t like cosplay pants cause most of them suck! But with this cosplay, the pants are actually good.

Score: 4.5/5

3. Quality

Me being very excited when I took out the costume from the packaging!

When it comes to quality, the Morax Zhongli cosplay is really good! Other than the pins, everything else feels great. To start with the gown, it feels light while also being strong. Since the gown is fairly big, this is the perfect combination.

I think the shirt and pants are made of polyester, so they are sturdy while also fitting comfortably (although it might get sweaty in hot weather). Again, the best part of this costume is the patterning on the gown and on the sleeves of the shirt. Considering I only paid $82 CAD for all this, the quality is well worth the price!

Score: 4/5

4. Shipping

As with a lot of the costumes I’ve bought recently, this Morax Zhongli cosplay was also from China, so I was expecting the costume to take a very long time to reach me in Canada. However, it took less than a month to arrive, which I consider fast shipping. So no complaints here.

Score: 5/5

5. Size and fit

The costume looks and feels great!

Like many costumes I order from a vendor based in Asia, I always worry about the size difference and getting the wrong size, especially if the vendor doesn’t have a refund policy. So I made sure to message the seller to ensure the size I picked was correct.

When I tried on the Morax Zhongli cosplay for the first time, it fit really well. The best-fitting part of the costume is the shirt. Not only is the shirt the right size, it also fits tight to emphasize the muscles (he is Geo Daddy after all).

The gown, as mentioned earlier, is loose-fitting and flexible, which I believe is how it’s meant to be.

The only small gripe I have is the pants. Unfortunately like many cosplay pants, there are no pockets, which means I had to carry essentials such as my phone and wallet in a separate bag when I was cosplaying at a convention. Also, the bottom of the pants is pretty fragile, so I had to be careful putting them and not ripping them.

Other than that, everything fits well.

Score: 4/5

6. AliExpress Cosplay Review – Overall

My Morax Zhongli cosplay has been one of the best cosplay purchases I’ve ever made! Being able to buy the costume at 50% off is an amazing deal. And on top of that, the costume itself is wonderful. The costume design is beautiful, the costume fits well and for an elaborate Genshin cosplay, it’s relatively easy to wear.

I don’t have much to say, I definitely got my money’s worth! That’s the beauty sometimes of buying cosplays off AliExpress; you can get some wonderful deals while maintaining costume quality.

  • Best deal over (50% off)
  • Beautiful patterning
  • Great fitting costume
  • Elaborate cosplay yet simple to wear
  • Excellent purchase

I hope you enjoyed this AliExpress review of my Morax Zhongli cosplay. If you have any questions, leave them in comments below!

Overall: 9/10

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