eBay cosplay review!

So I’ve noticed that most of my cosplay/costume store reviews so far have been pretty positive. And to be fair, there is good reasoning for that; a lot of cosplay websites are professional with fair pricing and excellent customer service. So it’s definitely not a surprise that my reviews so far have been a good experience.

HOWEVER, now I will talk about my experience buying a Space Jam cosplay from eBay, which I will say right now was not the same experience. I will let you know off the bat that I didn’t have quite the positive experience like I did with other sites.

Now to clarify, eBay itself isn’t a cosplay store; in fact, the website is an online marketplace where various vendors of all products sell their goods (not just cosplay). eBay is the original online store; I remember growing up and seeing this website back in the 90s! So eBay has definitely been around for a long time.

But with regards to cosplay, we have to agree that eBay is a huge website where cosplayers buy their costumes. So it’s why I’ve decided to create this post, simply because the website is influential for many cosplayers. And as I mention in my best cosplay websites guide (click here to read), eBay has a reputation for selling cosplay stuff like costumes and wigs for really cheap, with the quality being hit or miss. That’s the gamble you take when buying from eBay.

In this next edition of cosplay review, I am going to review my Space Jam cosplay costume from eBay and give you the details on the price, quality and what went right and what went wrong with this purchase. Although I did eventually get the costume I wanted, it wasn’t without hassle. I will explain in this post.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Price

You can’t go wrong when you buy a cosplay this cheap…or can you?

I bought this Bugs Bunny Space Jam cosplay a long time ago, so I wasn’t sure why I decided to use eBay. As mentioned earlier, eBay isn’t known for high-quality cosplays. Who knows; maybe I was feeling stingy and wanted to save a few bucks on a closet cosplay, which in this case was Space Jam? Either that or the prices on other sites were just way too expensive? In either case, I decided to take my chance on eBay this time.

Fortunately, the price for this Space Jam cosplay was dirt cheap. Looking back at my email confirmation receipt, I only paid $22 CAD for the entire outfit and that included shipping! So even if this costume was a dud (which it wasn’t), I would have only lost $22, which wasn’t a big deal.

So I will give this costume a perfect score on price because of the really cheap price.

Score: 5/5

2. Design

Tune Squad logo is nicely etched onto the jersey!

There isn’t much to talk about here, since my Space Jam cosplay is basically a basketball uniform; the design is going to be plain and simple. It got the job done. The only things I can say:

Space Jam logo is good. On the jersey itself, the Space Jam graphic is sewed on really nicely. It wasn’t just printed; you can feel the logo on it. That was a nice bonus of this outfit.

Shorts have no pocket. Like many cosplay pants, this one did not have any pockets. So that means at a convention, I’d have to bring a bag with me to carry stuff like my wallet and phone. Oh well, no big deal.

Score: 4/5

3. Quality

Jersey felt nice on me!

Because it was simply a basketball jersey, I wasn’t expecting Worbla-like quality with this costume. And especially given the fact that I only paid $22 CAD for it, my expectations were low. Nevertheless, I must say the Space Jam cosplay held on well! I wore it once for a convention and nothing malfunctioned with the cosplay. Both the jersey and the shorts were thick, so it didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart on the first wear. Nothing much to say here.

Score: 4/5

4. Size and fit

Like many sports Anime or movie costumes, a basketball jersey shouldn’t have any size issues. In general, basketball attire is always loose-fitting and comfortable. And the Space Jam costume I bought from eBay was exactly that. It makes for a perfect closet cosplay or for a casual outing. Something you want to wear on the Sunday of a convention. Or at a cosplay park event.

Score: 5/5

5. What went wrong with this costume?

This is the original costume that the seller sent me. Completely wrong color!

So far, it seems like this Space Jam cosplay so far has no issues. The quality is great, the price was dirt cheap and it was designed well? What’s the issue then?

Well, they sent me the wrong costume!

That’s right. I ordered the original white-colored Space Jam jersey. I specifically wanted this color because the other cosplayer was going to Lola Bunny, and we wanted to have matching outfits.

So when I opened the package, they sent me a black-colored Space Jam costume. They messed up my order!

I immediately messaged the seller asking why they sent me the wrong color and how to get my money back.

They messaged back, apologizing for the mistake they made. But they really insisted on me not writing a bad review on their eBay page.

So in order to avoid a refund scenario and a bad review, they offered to send me the white-colored jersey that I was supposed to get, for free. And they told me to keep the black-colored one they accidentally sent me.

Although at the time I was really upset because I had a con to attend in the near future and wanted my costume to match with the Lola Bunny cosplayer, I felt bad if I were to leave a bad review for an honest mistake. Therefore, I agreed on the seller’s offer to send me another costume for free.

More on what happened after, in the next section…

6. Shipping

As you can see, the price was cheap. No way would you get a costume this cheap in a Western country; this seller was from China.

It all worked out in the end. I don’t know if I must have pushed the seller to expedite shipping, but I actually ended up getting the white-colored Space Jam jersey JUST in time for the convention. Looking back, it’s amazing how fast I got the costume, considering the costume was coming from China. Super-fast shipping!

Score: 5/5

7. eBay Cosplay Review – Overall

Despite the problems initially with my order, it all worked out and my Space Jam cosplay was a great buy!

So I kind of have mixed feelings on what score to give this Space Jam cosplay. On one hand, the seller did mess up my order initially and it could have been really bad for my convention cosplay plans. But on the other hand, the seller made it up for by not only giving me a replacement costume for free, but getting that replacement costume in time for my convention.

In the end, it all worked out. And contrary to eBay’s reputation for questionable quality, my Space Jam cosplay was well-made and durable. The price was absolutely great too.

Overall, I will give this eBay cosplay review a 7/10. Huge knock off on points for getting my order wrong. But everything else and the quality exceeded my expectations.

The most important thing I learned (and maybe you as a reader too) is that if you’re going to use eBay, make sure you have a backup plan. Sure, you can definitely save a lot of money with eBay and get some great deals. At the same time however, that same deal can backfire you in ways such as being bad quality of having the wrong order (like in this case). So the next time I order a cosplay from eBay, I will order the costume well in advance of a convention. That way, if the order goes bad, I have time to buy another costume somewhere else.

I hope you found this eBay cosplay review helpful and informative!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Overall: 7/10

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